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Rightwing zine NewsMax attacked Democrats.com for the umpteenth time, this time because we denounced GOP censorship of a "Bush in 30 seconds" ad proposed by a Moveon member. The ad compared two remarks by Hitler to those of Bush. As always, we received a few letters from NewsMax's "enlightened" readers. Hey NewsMax - do you ever read the letters from your own readers? If our readers were so clueless, we'd immediately shut down our site and get a life! Of course, we're sure the NewsMax letter-writers would welcome informed replies from Democrats.com readers - so don't be bashful!

Here's the NewsMax article.

Letters from NewsMax readers:

Joyce Romano arthaven@aol.com
You can take your sick and embarrassing website and shove it up your ass. Communism was defeated years ago... get over it.

Oh Joyce, is that any way for a God-fearing Christian woman to talk?

jeffrey wallace dwallace37@comcast.net
You people are disgusting and need to go away, maybe another country. I would volunteer to go house to house and round up your kind of useless debri and put you all on a boat to ....

Thanks! Could you please ship us to a real democracy where voters choose presidents, not right wing judges? One where people can use their computers without government surveillance of every email?

Dawn Rutledge Dawn_Rutledge@hotmail.com
The Real HITLER is the Democrat party!! Your progressive movement, which really means a new name for COMMUNISM are the ones with your Corrupted Judges and Lawyers and the College Campus who have taken freedom of speech away from anyone who is a Conservative and/or Christains. You and your DOGS OF HATE have made sure that America and all public life is espunged of all things related to America's Christian heritage!!! I know who you are and what you stand for. I am not supporting BUSH here -- but I think you have to look at yourselves in the mirror of who you really align with. You support the terrorist, you support Cuba, You think our enemies of the Terrorist Islamic-Fasicist are good people. You world view is screwed up. Progressives equal Communist/Fascist murders that you support. Moveon.org is your front group in stopping any true American who wants to retore America back to the original intent of the US Constitution. But your ACLU Red Diaper Dooper Baby Lawyers and your co-horts in the Judges troughout the country are destroying America. Enough is Enough - please leave America and join France and Germany where you belong...

Phew!! That was exhausting! But Dawn, what do you really think??

Charles Hart clhland@swbell.net
You know...I read the crap you guys post on this site and Im just that much more convinced and that much more relieved this country has the right person to get us through this. As for the bs you post about what this administration knew about 9-11. Remember, we just had eight years of Democrats gutting the military and intelligence community thank you very much. So maybe you should be asking Bill Clinton why something else wasnt done.

Charles, that's easy! When twice-elected President Clinton sent 40 cruise missiles to kill Osama in his Afghan cave, Republicans and their right-wing supporters screamed "Clinton is Wagging the Dog!" to divert attention from Monicagate. And after Bush stole the White House, when Clinton's National Security Advisor told Bush's National Security Advisor that Osama was the #1 threat to America, Condi ignored him. On August 6 2001, when the CIA briefed Bush on Al Qaeda's planned attacks in America, Bush told the CIA to get lost - then he went on vacation for a month to Crawford.

mo mosier mjmosie@aol.com
comparing our President to a mass murderer is sure stupidity. get an education!

Mo, if the only thing you know about Hitler is the Holocaust, you're a hopeless idiot. Before the Holocaust began, Hitler destroyed German civil liberties one right at a time - just like Bush. He launched one criminal war after another - just like Bush. He did all this while telling Big Lies - just like Bush. Could it happen here? It already is...

Lupita Gutierrez lupitaloopd@aol.com
Your organization is a disgrace to our Soldiers currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. What you guys don't get is that when you disrespect our President, you are disrespecting our Soldiers. You are doing them quite the disservice. I know...my husband is in Iraq now. We talk from time to time and I can always guarantee as sure as he will say, I love you - he will say, "F#$k the Liberals." And I agree with him. You do not place our country and her citizens first. You guys are in it for the power grab. Good luck, because We, the People, will never elect one of your liberal freaks to office. We need someone who can protect us. Axis of Evil: Communism, Terrorism and the American Left. PS: you left out the COMMUNISM from your other COM stuff. IDIOTS.

Lupita, sadly we cannot think of a greater disrespect to our brave soldiers than sending them to die or be maimed in a war based on lies. We pray that your husband is not one of them. During his eight years in office, President Clinton never started a war in which an American soldier was killed by hostile fire.

If your F#$KED up organization is OK with the fact that that other F#$KED up organization is comparing President Bush to Hitler, then what hell are you comparing my HUSBAND, my SOLDIER to? F#$K YOU.

Lupita, we honor your brave husband for his willingness to risk his life to defend America. Unfortunately, your husband - as well as everyone in our armed services, everyone in the United States, and everyone in the world - is being lied to. There were no WMD's in Iraq in 2002, and Iraq had no ties to Al Qaeda and 9-11. Many spouses of soldiers feel betrayed by the Bush administration, and they have formed a group called Military Families Speak Out. We encourage you to contact them.