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Democrats.com Note: We are receiving an increasing number of letters from disgruntled Republicans and ex-Republicans who will vote for Democrats in 2004 because they are outraged by Bush and the right-wing Republicans.

Naturally, NONE of this is being reported in the Republican-controlled media, but it is clearly reflected in polls which show many Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents planning to vote against Bush.

If you know of other anti-Bush Republicans, please encourage them to tell us why they plan to vote against Bush by writing us at http://democrats.com/contact


From: Carol Harris, Georgia

I have always voted straight Republican ticket until this last election. I would NOT vote for Bush, because he's not what he presents himself to be. I'd rather vote for the devil! I will vote straight Democratic ticket in this coming election, just to do my part in being sure we don't elect any of Bush's 'friends'! I do not agree with PROCHOICE! I am against all abortions. It's being used as a form of birth control, and I still believe it is murder. However, that's just a small thing as far as I'm concerned, because people are going to do what they want to do anyway. Bush only 'says' he's prolife to get people's eyes on that issue and off of what he's really doing. Just like the war issue, it's a smoke screen! His own wife is a murderer, and why protect unborn babies if you're going to send their parents out to be killed in some ridiculous war? He's leaving a path of broken families and parentless children across this country, and it doesn't make any difference to him as long as he gets what he wants! I literally hate that man!