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A Very Merry Unpresident's Day To You, George W. Bush
Marilyn Dinger

Here's a very special song Unpresident's Day, to the tune of "A Very Merry Unbirthday" from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

A very merry unpresident's day to you Bush, to you!
You're no legitimate President, so shame on you!
You stole our votes and democracy which really makes us mad!
A very merry unpresident's day to you, boohoo! Too bad!

You deserve impeachment oh yes you do, it's true!
Or if you'd rather resign, that's O.K., too!
We voted for the REAL man, who is President Al Gore.
A very merry unpresident's day, and we'll show you the door!

A very merry unpresident's day, oh what a disgrace!
The White House isn't your residence, Bush, you lost the race!
Oh, how we wish that Clinton were back till Gore takes his rightful place!
Your're really not our President so shoo, Bush! So shoo!

A very merry unpresident's day to us, to us!
Our hopes and dreams as of now are a real bust!
But we will not get over it till justice is restored!
All who want to save America just come on aboard!

For those who want a good future, please climb on our bus.
We want someone in the White House that we can trust!
We love our earth, we love our lives, we love our families.
It's President Gore who should be there; we're asking Bush to leave!

A very merry unpresident's day has sadly come true,
But don't count us out, we're not giving up and we're not through!
Next year we hope Americans will have their freedom back by then
So that another unpresident's day won't happen again!