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James Carville on Hardball with Chris Matthews

6 February 2001

Matthews: How long are you people going to continue to ram about Florida?

Carville: I am going to stop taking about Florida when we know the truth! People work their hearts out, and when Al Gore won the election to say we shouldn’t know the truth… You know what? I’m not going to stop taking about it because I know he won Florida. You know he won Florida and the Democrats know he won Florida and so do all the people in Florida and the darn country… We’re going to find out the truth in Florida and we’re going to find out that Al Gore won by a lot.

Matthews: Why did those counties stop counting? Why didn’t Miami-Dade continue? They had the opportunity.

Carville: The Supreme Court stopped the count. The count was going on because they got word that Gore was going to win. You can’t take the presidential election. That is not your right. These people out here that worked their heart’s out? You watch in 2002. You watch in 2004. These Democrats are not… They are riled up as they ought to be riled up. And they are going to stay riled up. I want to count them.

Matthews: Why did the Democrats put out an order to make sure they undercounted all the service people overseas? Isn’t that the truth?

Carville: That’s not the truth. Overseas ballots are not just service people. That’s another great misnomer that all you guys fall for. There was a concerted effort to say this. We’re going to find out. There’s no sense getting into that because we’re going to find out a lot here very shortly so let’s just wait.

Matthews: Would you come back and talk about the results when you win?

Carville: Any time you want to. You don’t want to talk about the results. I want to talk about the results.

Matthews: I think the purpose of elections are to govern the country, and at some point…

Carville: But what Bush doesn’t have, you have to understand, he doesn’t have the will of the people validating his position. THE PEOPLE VOTED AGAINST HIM.