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Turkey is currently in hot and heavy negotiations with the US Administration over the use of Turkish territory for a "northern front" against Iraq. Please contact them and ask them to refuse the use of their territory for a war against Iraq.

Please contact Turkish embassies and consulates in your vicinity by sending delegations, fax and e-mail messages AND send faxes and e- mail messages to officials in Ankara.

Below is a sample message. Feel free to send it as is or, better still, to add your own comments. The contacts/addresses for your messages and/or delegations are below. In solidarity, Peace Initiative of Turkey

We will appreciate it if you forward a copy of your messages to us at the following address: peaceturkey@yahoo.com

[Prime Minister] [Your Excellency],

I believe that the Turkish government is faced with a historic mission. If it votes to join the US axis of war against Iraq, it will bear the responsibility of the death and suffering of thousands of people in Iraq as well as the suffering of its own people in Turkey. On the other hand, if it joins the international call for peace, it has the chance of changing the climate, not only in Iraq, but in the region as a whole in favor of peace. This will relieve some of the pressure on the Palestinian people whose suffering has reached devastating dimensions. Turkey should seize this opportunity and undertake this strategic and historic role.

The Turkish public and the international public have voiced an overwhelming opposition to the calls for war. We ask that the Turkish government respond not to the threats of the United States government, but to the strong dedication of its citizens and the citizens of the world to peace by saying "NO" to war. Please be assured of the support of the international consensus for peace behind your efforts to stop this outrageous aggression. The worldwide escalation of militarization is alarming. We do not want to ever relive the violent tragedies of the past century.

The 21st century should be one where international problems are resolved through non-violent methods, through international mechanisms of law and solidarity. Saying "NO" to war in Iraq shall be a significant step in this direction. We ask Turkey to seize this historic mission and join the international campaign for peace. Such is our wish and expectation from Turkey.

With my best regards, ........

Prime Minister Abdullah Gul Fax: +90 (312) 417 0476
(Note: faxes are having greater impact according to Turkish Peace Initiative leaders)
e-mail: abdullah.gul@basbakanlik.gov.tr

Deputy Prime Minister Ertugrul Yalcinbayir fax: +90 (312) 419-5443
e-mail: ertugrul.yalcinbayir@basbakanlik.gov.tr

Speaker of Government Abdullatif Sener
e-mail: abdullatif.sener@basbakanlik.gov.tr

President of State Ahmet Necdet Sezer fax: +90.312 427 13 30
e-mail: cumhurbaskanligi@tccb.gov.tr

Speaker of Parliament Bulent Arinc: His e-mail does not respond.
Please send a fax him at +90 (212) 420-5165

Foreign Affairs Commission Fax: 90.312 420-5336
e-mail: disiskom@tbmm.gov.tr

National Defense Commission Fax: +90.312 420 5328
e-mail: savkom@tbmm.gov.tr

Human Rights Commission Fax: +90. 312 420 5394
e-mail: inshkkom@tbmm.gov.tr

Minister of Foreign Affairs Yasar Yakis Fax: +90.312 287 88 11

Turkey's UN email address:
Phone ( 1-212) 949 01 50-51-52-53- 949 01 57
Fax ( 1-212) 949 00 86 - 949 09 17
E-mail: turkuno@aol.com

Turkey's Embassy in Washington:
Phone: (202) 612-6700
Fax: (202) 612-6744
E-mail: info@turkey.org

Turkey's consulate in Texas:
Phone: (713) 622-5849
Fax: (713) 623-6639
E-mail: turcon@ix.netcom.com

Turkey's consulate in LA:
Phone: (323) 937-0118
Fax: (323) 932-0061
E-mail: turkcgla@pacbell.net

Turkey's consulate in NYC:
Phone: (212) 949-0160 (4)
Fax: (212) 983-1293
E-mail: tcbkny@broadviewnet.net

Turkey's consulate in Chicago:
Phone: (312) 263-0644 ext 28
Fax: (312) 263-1499
E-mail: chicago@trconsulate.org

Turkey's mission to the EU:
E-mail: turkdelegeu@euronet.be

Turkey's mission to NATO:
E-mail: natodt@euronet.be

Turkish Newspapers with email addresses:
( from: http://www.byegm.gov.tr/TURKBASINI/gazete-ingilizce.htm )
Milli Gazete: E-mail: milli@milligazete.com.tr
Milliyet: E-mail: okur@milliyet.com.tr
Posta: E-mail: posta@simge.com.tr
Star: E-mail: editor@stargazete.com
Turkey's Chamber of Commerce:
Email: info@ege.ebso.com.tr