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"Show Me the Money!" Quiz
by Jonathan Hutson

1. Which of the following paid the SMALLEST PERCENTAGE OF INCOME in federal income taxes from 1996 through 1999?
(a) A U.S. Army Corporal deployed overseas
(b) Enron
(c) A public high school teacher

2. Which of the following paid THE FEWEST DOLLARS in federal income taxes from 1996 through 1999?
(a) A Legal Aid lawyer
(b) Enron
(c) A homeless woman receiving minimum wage in a welfare-to-work program

3. Which of the following departments did Enron view as a profit center?
(a) Sales
(b) Tax
(c) Both of the above

Answers for questions 1-2: (b) and (b) Although Enron ranked # 51 on the 1999 Forbes 500, with reported profits of $703 million, the company paid 0% of its income (U.S. $0), in federal income taxes from 1996 through 1999, according to a report issued by the House-Senate Joint Committee on Taxation on February 13, 2003.

Answer to question 3: (c) Enron's tax department became a profit center, with its own annual revenue targets, the joint Congressional report says. "Show Me the Money!" is emblazoned on an internal Enron document regarding a transaction, one of a trove released by the committee in its 3-volume report.