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Don't trust George W. and his "official" investigation of 9/11?? We'll investigate 9/11 ourselves! ACTIVISTS ARE NEEDED!! To help build a truly independent grassroots 'shadow' Truth Commission to keep the official Commission in check and ensure that the 9/11 victims' families of September 11 get their wish of a genuine investigation into the major unanswered questions of 9/11. Please consider helping! Activists are needed in many different committees, from organizing to media to outreach, etc. WE CAN MAKE HISTORY WITH THIS. YOU are invited to join a listserv that is being used to facilitate communication amongst people who are working for the formation of a truly independent 9/11 investigation Commission to shadow the official government Commission. To join just send a message to 911alive-subscribe@lists.riseup.net . Ten committees have been formed to make this project a reality, and they all need help!