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On his political deathbed, Trent Lott embraced across-the-board affirmative action, instantly repudiating an entire career devoted to carrying on the proud legacy of Strom Thurmond's segregationist 1948 campaign. Of course, that won't be good enough for George Bush and Karl Rove, since they can't steal the 2004 election unless black folk are kept quiet and stay home. But here at Democrats.com, we're full of compassion for the brand new Trent Lott. So we say: hey Trent, don't just sit there while Rove twists the knife in your back - come on over to OUR side! If you've repudiated racism, then you can certainly repudiate misogyny, homophobia, and militarism. If you've embraced affirmative action, you can certainly embrace environmentalism, campaign finance reform, and progressive taxation. Be bold, and go all the way - become a Democrat!