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Ben Bradlee as Mr. Jones
Jock Gill

It's the "Oldsmobile" presidency. Just in time to be cancelled by GM.

Last night, watching Larry King Live on CNN was truly revealing. Five white "oldssters" talking about the 'new' president. The head of the RNC, Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn from the Washington Post, and a senior type from Time Magazine were Larry's guests.

It was so clearly the monologue dependent elite blindly grasping to protect their power base. Ben Bradlee said the most remarkable things about the protesters: dirty, disorganized, undisciplined etc. You would have thought it was commentary the day after the first march on the Pentagon during the Vietnam era. It was that dated and blind.

But most amazingly, showing an absolute disconnect from the present, Bradlee made snide comments about the protestors and their little cans of black spray paint. Why, they were spraying the letter "A" on buildings. He had no idea what they "A" was all about, but, snicker snicker, he knew what the word for them it brought to mind. haw haw. And NONE of the other panelists had a clue about the meaning of "A" either. They were lost and oblivious in the ozone of another time warp. Blind to their future.

The meaning, my friends, is ANARCHY. Often with a circle around the A and the bar of the A crossing the circle.

Mr. Jones, you have no idea what is going on here, do you?

Bring on Bob Dylan. Its the 60s all over again if we are not careful.

Jock Gill is a member of the Advisory Board of Democrats.com