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Latoya Craig writes, "I recently had the experience of Voter Fraud in Caldwell County NC... People/family members that I know were actually paid for their vote and if they brought someone else to vote and they voted Republican they also were paid. I actually took people to the polls to vote and thought I was doing a good thing until I found out that they were changing their party (which I later found out has to be done 90 days prior to an election). I just cannot believe that people will actually sell their right to vote, but what's more amazing is that the officials conducting this little (whatever) target the project's crack heads - they get one crack head to gather other welfare and other project dwellers and take them to vote and they get paid after the person votes they get a total of $25. I hope that by reporting this to the Local District attorney, and the SBI someone will be able to do something before Tuesday." Note: we forwarded this to the NC and county Democratic chairs.