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Top 10 Things We Will Hear from the White House If Worker-Friendly Candidates Are Defeated on Tuesday

10. News Flash: "Social Security to be replaced by giant Bingo game - brought to you by Wall Street."

9. "White House Announces new Global Economy trading cards - swap five sweatshops for 1,000 good jobs."

8. "Ken Lay for SEC Chair - that should end the investigations."

7. "We don't need more money for fire departments. What do firefighters know about public safety?"

6. New White House ergonomics slogan: "Walk it off."

5. "Why do we need pension protections? Doesn't everybody have stock options?"

4. "Health care is only for sick people."

3. "Unemployment is only a problem for people without jobs."

2. "Why raise the minimum wage? People are just going to lose their jobs anyway."

1. "Hello, you've reached the U.S. Senate. If you're a corporate CEO, press 1 for immediate assistance. All others please press # to hang up."

Tuesday's elections will determine control of the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives and governors' offices and statehouses all across America. You have the power to shape the outcome of the elections...but only if you vote.

Visit www.aflcio.org to learn more about what's at stake. And, take a minute right now to circulate this top ten to your friends, family and co-workers.

Remember to vote Tuesday! Take 5 friends and family members with you!

Republished courtesy of the AFL-CIO.