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Real Facts About The Radical Religious Right
Maggie L. Cooper

From 1975 - 1980, I was a member of the Religious Right. I had joined as a Catholic Traditionalist, determined to rescue the Vatican from the clutches of Satan. It didn't take me long to realize the radical element of the Religious Right wanted to gain political power of our government and turn our democratic way of life into a "Pax Americana" or a "Holy American Empire." The number of members in the Religious Right in 1980 totaled around 60,000,000. I am sure it is safe to estimate the number today at more than half our population.

The entire story about the Religious Right is far too long to put in one article so I am posting it as e-newsletters on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radical_Right/ . For this article, I am including the basic questions people most often ask me about the Religious Right.

1 - How does the Religious Right attract so many people?

They make membership to be exceptionally easy. While one must be a Catholic to join the Traditionalists, the Fundamentalists require only that a person confess one time to being a sinner and say one time a statement of belief in Jesus as the Savior. For these two small acts, Fundamentalist members are promised divine protection from Armageddon and a place in Heaven no matter what they do for the rest of their lives.

2 - What keeps Traditionalists and Fundamentalists united?

The basic conspiracy story about all governments being controlled by a small group of men who possess all the real wealth in the world and have manipulated every major national and international event since 1776. This treachery won't end until Antichrist is destroyed during the war of Armageddon. All "true Christians" will be divinely protected from this war, therefore all "true Christians" must work to keep the nations separate and build a powerful military because God wants us to be segregated, God wants us to go to war.

3 - Who is in charge of the Religious Right?

There is no specific single authority but there are some well-known leaders such as Archbishop Lefebvre in the Traditionalists and Pat Robertson in the Fundamentalists. In reality, anyone who desires to do so and can gain a following is free to become a leader. The only thing they have to agree on is that Armageddon must happen in order for Jesus to return. Everything else is open to biblical interpretation.

4 - Why worry about the Religious Right if they are only waiting for the return of Jesus?

The Religious Right, on their own, are content to let Jesus return to earth at his own time and circumstances. But they are being manipulated by their radical leaders who have grown tired of waiting for the Second Coming. These radical leaders believe they can create events which will force Jesus to return. They also have plans to start his Kingdom whether he returns or not.

5 - What are the radical elements doing to accomplish this?

Their first major plan was to swamp our country with their propaganda which they have done and are doing quite well.

Their second plan, which they are doing now with surprising efficiency, is to completely take over our government. This includes doing away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights or radically re-writing them.

Their next plan is to create another Depression where our money will be devalued to ten cents on the dollar. They have some plans for establishing a new money system but I don't know what it is.

Another plan, which will probably be connected to the above, is to do away with all Social Justice reforms. Social Security, government assistance programs, health benefits, family assistance programs, women's rights, child protection laws, and integration programs will end with the excuse that these should all be done by families, the churches, or private charities. It is not the government's responsibility.

Once the radicals have total control of our government, they plan to then replace our democratic government with a monarchy or holy dictatorship. To adjust our thinking toward this, they are already using some mind conditioning, such as referring to democracy as "demon-cracy" and saying, "America is a republic, not a democracy." (So far, I have not heard one person respond to this statement by saying, "Our republic was given a democratic form of government.")

After they have established their "Holy American Empire," they will "christianize" it by making the Fundamentalist religion the State religion. Traditionalist Catholics, for the most part, are not politically minded and are still more concerned with restoring the Church to pre-Vatican II days than getting control of our government. The Fundamentalists are only using the Traditionalists now for their membership, their money and support. Once the Fundamentalists reach their desired control of the government, they will not allow the Traditionalists any more freedom of religion than any other religion.

6 - What about the Jews?

While the Fundamentalists today are appearing to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the Jews, the truth is that the Jews are being used in the same way as the Traditionalists. The underlying foundation of the conspiracy story is that the few men controlling the world are Jews. Fundamentalists believe that after Armageddon, Jerusalem will become the throne of Jesus' Kingdom and all Jews must accept Jesus as their Savior. Once the Fundamentalist Christians gain power, Judaism, along with Catholicism (Traditionalist and otherwise) and all other religions will be banned.

7 - How does the Religious Right get so much money?

For the most part, all church members in the Fundamentalists are expected to tithe ten percent of their money for their churches. Some churches actually make their members sign over a bank statement that automatically transfers ten percent of their gross income to their church. Fundamentalists and even non- Fundamentalists working in church related jobs, such as hospitals, church parking lots, etc, must either sign ten percent of their gross pay over to the church or they will not be hired. All profits from these businesses also are turned over to the churches. This money goes toward political action as well as church expenses which is one reason why radical leaders in the Religious Right have strongly opposed IRS audits.

Another source that helps the Religious Right economically is the number of people who do not charge when they work for their churches. This not only includes the standard volunteers, such as choir directors and Sunday School teachers but also professionals like lawyers which explains why the Religious Right doesn't worry about lawsuits or any other legal matters. They are betting that Democrat lawyers will not work free for the democratic cause. So far, they have won every bet.

8 - Do any of the Religious Right major leaders approve of such political actions?

Pat Robertson's book THE NEW WORLD ORDER (Word Publishing, Dallas, 1991) is a tutorial on how to take over the United States Government and establish the Fundamentalist "Pax Americana." So far, his plans seem to be working out on schedule. For example. he had set 1996 as the date to regain control of at least Congress.

In this book, he has a section titled "Threats to Freedom" (pages 93 - 185) and devotes a chapter to each of these threats. The first threat is our established government. The second threat to our freedom is our economic system. The remaining chapters, "School for Scandal" and "New Order for a New Age" attack anything and everything that Fundamentalists do not like.

Mr. Robertson, like most Fundamentalist writers, has posted in the front of his book a copyright notice which prevents anyone from quoting anything in the book "except for brief quotations in reviews." With that in mind, let me conclude my review of his book with a brief quotation found on page 264: "The time has come to mount an ALL-OUT ASSAULT (emphasis mine) on the ultimate power of the Establishment - the ability to elect or DESTROY (emphasis mine) political leaders through the control of the money supply. In my opinion, a privately owned central bank in control of our nation's money is a clear subversion of the United States Constitution."

I have only scratched the surface about the Religious Right in this article. Let me close with this one warning. Because of the strong control the radical Religious Right already has on our government, I know without a doubt that they will do anything to keep that control. If the Democrats show any signs of serious victories before election day, I would not be surprised to see one or a number of "terrorist attacks" a few days before November 5. Besides putting Americans into a panic, such attacks will destroy the Democrats's chances of gaining any real victory at the polls and will also give Bush the green light to declare war on Iraq.

I make this speculation only from my personal experience with the radicals who are capable of doing ANYTHING to reach their objectives. They are truly able to become insane with holy zeal that makes them lose all sense of reality. The only way they might be stopped is if they believe that somehow their plans have become known and will be revealed if they try whatever mischief they are up to. Reality and the unvarnished truth and the only two things the radicals fear and the only things that can stop them.