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Martyr For The People
By Natasha (age 11)

When leaders wouldn't lead
And the country was in need,
Wellstone chose to take a stand
Reaching out a helping hand.

With the wisdom of a Franklin,
The eloquence of Jefferson,
The Courage of a Kennedy,
He fought for peace for you and me.

As heroic as Washington,
As honorable as Lincoln,
As inspiring as Patrick Henry,
He tried to keep us free.

And like our greatest heroes,
He stood strong against our foes;
With danger drawing near,
He refused to stop and fear.

Always putting his future last
In the votes he chose to cast,
The common people he did love
Like an angel from above

He put right high above might
And was martyred in his fight;
But for all he made us face,
The whole world's a better place.

Copyright 2002 by Natasha