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It's hard to be shocked by the hatred of the "Christian" right, but our Paul Wellstone Memorial (http://democrats.com/paul) has become a magnet for some of the most vicious attacks on a dead person that we've ever seen. Here are a few that we have removed from the Memorial.

Murdering Abortionist, Hell CA
Enjoy your ticket to hell. Was it worth it?

Mark Allison, Kent WA
Rot in Hell, baby-killing tyrant.

Terry Mcauliffe, Washington DC
Your death will fire up our wacko base, and get out the vote. Sorry, but you can't make an omlet, with out breaking a few eggs.

Rush Limbaugh, New York NY
GOP now controls the Senate!

Hank Bridges Rock Hill SC
Wellstone finally did something good for America enjoy HELL BABY KILLER

Bill Clinton Harlem NY
Im glad to see Terry McAuliff's new election strategy..Kill some democrats and garner the "sympathy vote"!!!!Thats the only way democrats are going to gain any seats this November. Doesnt Paul have a 14 year old surviving daughter I can go "comfort"?

Harvey Weinstein Beverly Hills CA
I wonder if Mr. Wellstone lived long enough to find out the two snipers were a couple of schwarzes. It's too bad he could not have come to the Los Angeles area and help clean up our schwarze problem.

John Wasil Miami FL
If you liberals want to feel better then just pretend Wellstone was aborted. After all, everyone knows how abortion brings a smile to your faces.