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Libertarian Party Targets Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA) In Political Ploy

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October 22, 2002

Dear Friend,

60's radical-turned-conservative activist David Horowitz once said, "Politics is war conducted by other means," but in America one side is doing all the shooting -- liberals.

The liberals tried to steal the 2000 presidential election with their "Sore Loserman" campaign in Florida. They stole control of the U.S. Senate when GOP turncoat Sen. Jeffords jumped ship, leaving Tom Daschle in charge. Now they're fighting to keep that control... and they're doing it "by any means necessary."

Well, it's time to fight back... using our own political tricks.

Here's what YOU can do -- and don't worry, it's legal. AND it's cheap.

I'm raising money from libertarians and conservatives across America, in order to pull off a political ploy that could help boot out a vulnerable liberal Democrat Senator, and take control away from the liberals that are now in charge.

We're going to get Democrats to vote AGAINST a Democrat.

In Georgia, the latest polls show Democrat incumbent Sen. Max Cleland leading GOP challenger Rep. Saxby Chambliss, 47% to 41%, with 9% undecided. Did you notice those percentages? They add up to only 97%... with the other 3% going to the Libertarian Party candidate, Sandy Thomas.

In Georgia, the Libertarians are the "wild card." In fact, 10 years ago, the LP candidate threw the Senate race into an unprecedented runoff... which led to the defeat of the Democrat incumbent and the election of Republican Senator Paul Coverdell. Coverdell won by less than 1% in the runoff, after the Libertarian endorsed him.

Look at those poll numbers again. The LP "wildcard" can help defeat another incumbent Democrat... with YOUR help.

I need you to click through below NOW, and make a contribution to our "TAKE VOTES FROM THE DEMOCRATS" campaign:

Here's what we plan to do, with your help: Among African-American voters, 76% support Cleland, as opposed to 6% for Chambliss. However, 17% of black voters remain undecided, which, according to J. Bradford Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, "indicates that a strong 'get-out-the-vote' effort in the black community" for either candidate could decide the election.

We're going to get a sizeable percentage of Black Democrats -- the ones most likely to vote -- to vote AGAINST the Democrat incumbent, and FOR the Libertarian candidate.

These are voters that we don't stand a snowball's chance in Hades of convincing to ever vote for a Republican. But these are also voters who are passionate about one issue that Democrats are on the wrong side of: education choice, like vouchers and tuition tax credits.

Using the issue of education choice, we can get them to vote AGAINST the Democrat, Sen. Cleland, and FOR the Libertarian, Sandy Thomas... with the same result as we got in 1992:

We'll BOOT the Democrat incumbent OUT.

There are a number of factors working in our favor to accomplish our goal:

In most races, "undecided" voters usually end up voting for the challengers;

In Georgia, Libertarian candidates have received as much as 7% in past statewide races;

In a recent national poll, African-Americans were the ethnic group MOST LIKELY to vote for the LP candidate when exposed to the libertarian message.

This is a rare opportunity, but the clock is ticking out on us. I need you to click through below NOW to help us tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate:

The great part about our "under the radar" strategy is this: we know how to do it VERY inexpensively.

All we need is $23,229.68 to reach 36,015 voters.

That's right -- our cost to mail to all of the Black Democrats that are the most likely to vote in the Georgia general election is less than $25,000.00. That's how much it will cost us to purchase the postal addresses, buy the stamps, print the letters, and mail them right before election day.

Less than $25,000.00 to tip the balance of power in the Senate.

If we get more contributions than that, we'll be able to mail to even more Black Democrats likely to vote:

* $33,903.78 will allow us to target 52,564 voters
* $85,310.14 will allow us to target 137,597 voters
* $175,476.12 will allow us to target 272,056 voters

Can you help RIGHT NOW? We've set up a secure webpage where you can make a Credit Card donation, or even an "electronic check" donation, and it will get to us immediately -- so that we can get those letters out right away.

You might be able to help out with $1,000 -- that would go a long ways towards what we need. Or maybe you can contribute $100, or $50, or even $20. Every dollar counts, and we need your help quickly.

If everyone reading this donates just $31, WE CAN MAIL EVERY ONE OF THOSE VOTERS!

Please click through NOW, and make a contribution to our "TAKE VOTES FROM THE DEMOCRATS" campaign. Let's take down the Daschle Democrats, once and for all.


Ron Crickenberger
LP National Political Director

P.S. The election is in TWO WEEKS. I need your donation NOW to help boot out the liberal Democrat incumbent Senator in Georgia. This is an "under the radar" campaign -- a "sneak attack," if you will -- but the numbers really add up. For very little money, we could ensure the "balance of power" is tipped back in the Senate. CLICK HERE NOW:

NOTE: Democrat Sen. Max Cleland is the Libertarian Party's most targeted Democrat in this year's elections. We plan to attack him using other means as well, to pull Black Democrats away from his vote total. WE CAN DO IT!

PLEASE forward this message to everyone you know that wants to help us to "TAKE VOTES FROM THE DEMOCRATS" -- we've got a chance to make history, AGAIN. Thank you!

Paid for by the Libertarian Party

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