Protesters un-welcome Bush to Florida

July 16, 2004 ---TAMPA --by Carol Schiffler "Approximately 250 people lined the sidewalk across from the Tampa Convention Center today to protest the inexplicable appearance of George W. Bush who was speaking at the National Conference on Human Trafficking. I say 'inexplicable' because as near as I can tell, Bush has never shown much interest in anything that deals with the human rights of oppressed people, but I digress."

Organizers Say 300,000 Protested Bush in London

Reuters: "Around 100,000 protesters marched through London and tore down a mock statue of visiting Resident Bush Thursday, many of them convinced his policies were to blame for anti-British bombs in Turkey. Demonstrators of all ages beat drums and blew whistles along a 3-mile route that took them past parliament and the end of Downing Street, where crowds paused to jeer toward Prime Minister Tony Blair's office. When they reached Trafalgar Square, protesters felled a 20-foot papier mache statue of Bush in a parody of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein when U.S. troops swept into Baghdad. In its top pocket was a puppet with a grinning Blair face... Organizers estimated as many as 300,000 people had taken part in the demonstration. A police crowd control officer on the ground put the turn-out at above 120,000, while Scotland Yard's press office said there were 70,000 protesters."

March 20, the One-Year Anniversary of Bush's W-ar: The World Still Says No to War!

From United for Peace and Justice: "Momentum is building across the globe for the Global Day of Action against War and Occupation on March 20, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq. On that day millions around the globe will take to the streets to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation. Joining with growing numbers of military families and soldiers, we will call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Bush's militaristic foreign policies... Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, US Labor Against the War, Racial Justice 911: People of Color Against the War, Not In Our Name, and other anti-war forces have expressed strong interest in joining this call... For March 20th to be a success here in the US, the broadest range of forces for peace and justice must be at the decision-making table and actively involved in building this day. It's not too early to begin building March 20th."

Protesters in DC and San Francisco Want U.S. Out of Iraq

"In Washington, DC, it was a highly reenergized Anti-War Movement that rallied on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 25, 2003. Under a blue sky, with temperatures hovering in the mid-60s, they marched by the thousands. They demanded that all U.S. troops get out of Iraq and chanted slogans, like: 'No more lies. Bush has got to go. Bring the troops home.'" Indymedia.org reports 35,000 - 40,000 protesters in DC, 15,000 in San Francisco.

Major New York Union Supports October 25 March on D.C.

1199/SEIU - New York's Health and Human Services Union representing 200,000 workers - has voted to support the October 25 March on Washington DC demanding Bring the Troops Home Now, End the Occupation of Iraq. The union is providing free bus transportation from New York City to the Washington protest for its members and their families. Tens of thousands of people will be traveling to DC for the National March to End the Occupation of Iraq and Bring the Troops Home Now on Saturday, October 25. Cities across the United States are organizing buses, vans and car caravans to be in DC on October 25. Click below to find out about transportation from your area.

Lost Track of the Antiwar Movement? Just Look Around

"In the four months since U.S. Resident George W. Bush triumphantly declared the end of 'major hostilities' in Iraq, the occupation has become ever more untenable and no less illegal by the day. Where are the members of the global antiwar movement? They have been just about everywhere: in Geneva, by the tens and thousands, calling for an end to the occupation during the meeting of the G8; in Tokyo, protesting the deployment of so-called 'self-defense' soldiers in Iraq; in London, holding 'Ain't nothing but a Hoon-dog, lying all the time' placards to denounce U.K. Defense Minister Geoff Hoon and the other proven liars during the Hutton Inquiry into David Kelly's suicide; in Baghdad, thumping their chests and calling for true liberation - and getting shot in the process. But mostly they have been in the background - getting together in smaller local, national, and international meetings; taking stock of what happened, assessing past strategies, and planning for the future."

American Casualties in Iraq Stir US Peace Movement

Reuters reports: "Peace activists said on Wednesday that increasing concerns about American casualties in Iraq had spurred the U.S. anti-war movement back into action after months of relative quiet. The ANSWER Coalition, headed by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, said it planned to stage a protest in Washington on Oct. 25 to demand the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.... 'That is affecting the mood of the country,' ANSWER spokeswoman and civil rights lawyer Mara Verheyden-Hilliard told a Washington press conference. 'It is creating this very strong sentiment in the United States of people saying, That's enough. It has got to end now.'... Clark, who served as U.S. attorney general under President Lyndon Johnson, said he wants the United States to pull its troops out of Iraq. 'On October 25, let's be together and say bring those troops home in Iraq,' he said."

Soldiers' Families and Veterans Protest Bush in Crawford

Dallas Morning News reports: "Among those gathering at the local football stadium to denounce both Mr. Bush and the war, four days after a terrorist bombing at the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, were relatives of troops. 'George Bush does not support our soldiers,' said Candance Robison, whose husband is an Army lieutenant in Iraq. 'He lies to our nation and our soldiers about our reasons for going to war. He makes thoughtless statements like, 'Bring 'em on' to the Saddam loyalists who target our troops.' Ms. Robison is part of Military Families Speak Out, one of the groups that sponsored the protest. Veterans for Peace also helped organize the rally, which drew about 100 people... Some protested the extended tours of duty in Iraq and cuts in veterans' benefits... 'We're not going to stop until we get our soldiers home,' Ms. Robison said. 'And it's going to get bigger and bigger.'"

Thousand of Protesters Decry Bush in Portland

Katu.com reports: "Thousands of boisterous but generally orderly protesters angered by a range of Bush administration policies jeered the presidential motorcade Thursday as it rolled into the gated University of Portland campus for a $2,000-a-plate fund-raising lunch. 'How many children could $2,000 feed?' read one protester's sign... Protesters marched down Willamette Boulevard to the campus as police, some on horses, some on foot or on bicycles, looked on. Some wore Bush masks. One sign read: 'My Apache helicopter killed your Iraqi honor student.' Another said, 'Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.' 'I'm mad and I'm embarrassed. We just need to make clear that we're not all supportive of this regime and what it's doing,' said protester Jennifer Murdock, of Portland, who was there with her 2-year-old daughter. Murdock said she opposes the war in Iraq." Way to go, Portland!

Soldier's Families Protest War: 'Bring Them Home Now'!

"His voice cracking with emotion, Fernando Suarez del Solar spoke Wednesday of his son, Jesus, a Marine killed on the sands of Iraq. 'My son will not return but we want those other children to return to their families,' said Suarez, who came from California to the nation's capital to help launch a campaign to 'Bring Them Home Now.' The grieving father was among an unlikely band of anti-war activists -- military families and veterans -- who gathered to demand an end to the 'U.S. occupation of Iraq' and an immediate return of American troops to their home bases. They expressed outrage that Resident Bush would issue a 'macho' challenge to the Iraqis shooting at their endangered sons and daughters while he was safe, protected by the Secret Service. 'George Bush said 'Bring them on.' We say 'Bring them home now,'' said Nancy Lessin, whose stepson, Joe, is a Marine who recently returned to the United States after serving in Iraq for about 10 months." (See www.bringthemhomenow.org)

A Report on the Protest of Bush in New York City

Marta Steele writes: "With the cessation of the bombing of Iraq, it is not as if the fight is over, nor even the war, but progressives demonstrating on Monday, June 23, in front of the Sheraton Hotel in midtown Manhattan stressed other issues. The organizer was Lou Posner, head of votermarch.org and nobloodforoil.org... The catalyst was Bush's visit to a $2,000 per plate fundraiser at the hotel... Other progressive groups represented at the 7th Avenue and 54th St. protest were democrats.com and democracy march, also pioneers in protesting the mangled ethics of election 2000. Speakers included Posner, Bob Fertik and Chris Acosta of the former group and Cheryl Guttman of the latter. A last-minute addition was the investigative journalist and best-selling author Greg Palast." In his speech, Fertik declared, "The families of the 9/11 victims still wait for an independent investigation. Eight million New Yorkers would be angry if they knew that the conservative press is lying to them."

Pictures of New York City Protest against Bush!

1,000 Protest Bush in San Francisco

"Despite near triple-digit heat, extensive street closures and frustrating traffic, about 1,000 protesters turned out Friday to boo the arrival of Resident Bush during a brief fund-raising lunch in Burlingame. The resident's visit to the San Francisco Airport Marriott attracted a vocal but peaceful gathering of protesters, who along with more than 50 Bush supporters, lined a half-mile stretch of Old Bayshore Highway just outside the hotel. About 300 police officers formed a human barricade in front of the hotel, but they made no arrests and reported no major incidents... 'Bush lied, people died,' shouted the throng of protesters as he arrived. Inside the hotel, five members of Code Pink, a nationwide anti-war organization, gained access to the lobby after they booked a hotel room together... 'I find it obscene to charge $2,000-a-plate when he's making sweeping budget cuts across the country in veterans' benefits and health care,' said Carol Norris, an organizer with Code Pink."

SF DA Drops Charges against 400 Anti-War Protesters

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: "In a surprise move, District Attorney Terence Hallinan dropped charges Friday against more than 400 anti-war protesters arrested in San Francisco after the Iraq war began. The dismissals came just one week after prosecutors had refiled the cases to keep them from being dropped. Prosecutors said Friday that the Police Department had given them nothing to go on to secure convictions against the demonstrators, who were among 2,300 people arrested during more than four days of protests that tied up much of downtown San Francisco."

The Invisible Protesters in NYC: How the Media Campaigns for Bush

"Thousands of us came to protest George Bush's presence in New York City [Monday]. We stood ten-deep in 'pens' set up by the city's finest, and filled four long city blocks near the Sheraton Hotel... carrying home-made signs reading, 'Jail to the Chief,' and 'Where are the WMD'S?' or waving yellow flyers that simply said, 'LIAR!' It's difficult to believe, but all of us were about to become invisible... [Tuesday] I scoured the newspapers, and the broadcast media for reports of the Bush fund raiser. I learned that the pResident had raised 4 million dollars yesterday. I also learned that New York would undoubtedly go for Bush in 2004, because its residents were so thrilled with his handling of the terror threats against us. Oh yes, one local news station mentioned that there were a few 'hundred' protesters outside the hotel. Heaven be praised for the little things. But, by and large, we thousands had been relegated to permanent invisibility. For the record: I am NOT invisible."

Bush Protester Picks Jail over Bail

"A political activist accused of punching a policeman during... Bush's visit to Indianapolis remained in the Marion County Jail after a judge refused to lower his $20,000 bail. Carl Rising-Moore said he'd rather not have anyone pay his bail. He is willing to stay in jail for seven weeks until his trial... Rising-Moore's supporters say the political activist, trained in nonviolent protest, was tackled by a police officer and never would try to strike anyone. 'I was in no way acting in a violent manner,' said Rising-Moore. 'I was simply waving a United Nations flag to show my opposition to the war in Iraq'... Joe Zelenka, 62, described what he saw when he and other protesters were waiting on the motorcade route... As the motorcade turned the corner, Zelenka said, 'I saw the officer jump up and tackle Carl. The flag flew up and landed halfway in the street.' Zelenka said Rising-Moore, apparently stunned by the tackle, appeared to move toward the grass behind the sidewalk."

Bush Protesters Get Pushed Away From Omaha Plant

AP reports: "While Resident Bush heard many cheers during his brief visit to Nebraska on Monday, there were some jeers. A small group of protesters lined parts of Abbott Drive between the airport and Airlite Plastics Co., where the resident spoke to the plant's employees and supporters about his economic stimulus plan. Most of the protesters were with the opposition group Fair Taxes for All. The group opposes Bush's proposal to hand out $726 billion in tax cuts over 10 years. Organizer Patrick Pannett said the group was moved away from an original protest site designated by the Secret Service. The group had been told it could protest at the back entrance of Airlite Plastics. However, the Secret Service instead taped off an area more than a block away from the plant and the presidential motorcade route. 'That just shows you that the White House is obviously working very hard that we don't get our message out,' Pannett said."

Nowhere for Bush to Hide From Anti-War Protests

"Anti-war protests dogged U.S. resident George Bush on Sunday -- even to the remote Azores island in the mid-Atlantic where he and his closest international allies met for an emergency summit. Hundreds of local people held an anti-war demonstration in front of the gate of the Portuguese airbase hosting a summit meeting on Iraq between Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar just a day after tens of thousands protested worldwide. Banging on drums and chanting, 'Peace yes, war no,' some of the 300 demonstrators carried banners and signs reading, 'United against the war' and 'For peace.'"

10 million to Join World Protest Rallies

Up to 10 million people on five continents are expected to demonstrate against the probable war in Iraq on Saturday, in some of the largest peace marches ever known. Yesterday, up to 400 cities in 60 countries, from Antarctica to Pacific islands, confirmed that peace rallies, vigils and marches would take place. "The internationalism of the opposition is the most powerful weapon people have. It's all we have. We think that Bush and Blair are well aware that global opposition is mounting fast and that they are now desperate to start the war before they are completely isolated by world opinion," said a spokesman for United for Peace and Justice, a US coalition. BE THERE!

Pro-Peace Pictorials

View photos of the Anti-War protests in DC -- including from atop the Washington Monument, Hawaii, Denver, St. Paul, San Francisco, Alaska, Germany, Los Angeles, Columbus, New York, Chicago, Austin, London, and Phoenix. In the interest of balanced reporting, you can also view a pro-War supporter and a rally in support of the W-ar in Iraq.

Judges Sentences Stiffened to Intimidate Peace Protesters, Quell Human Rights Advocates

CNN.com reports: "For years, peace protesters arrested for trespassing at Fort Benning were allowed to serve their sentences at minimum-security federal institutions closer to their homes, where they could kiss relatives and hold babies in visiting rooms. Not anymore. Some protesters -- including a priest and a grandmother-to-be -- were sentenced earlier this year to serve their six-month sentences alongside thieves and drug addicts behind razor wire in a rural Georgia jail. 'The only thing I can come up with is that they are getting mean,' the Rev.Roy Bourgeois, founder of the protest group School of the Americas Watch, said of Bureau of Prison officials....The protesters are members of the School of the Americas Watch, which blames the Army's School of the Americas and its successor, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, for human rights abuses in Latin America."

Bush Quivers At the Sight or Sound of Dissent - One More Indication He Can't Face Reality

Robyn Blumner writes: "Bush seems to think bullying is the only way to deal with dissent... In town after town where Bush has come to raise money or make a speech, his venue and the route leading up to it have been purged of protesters...This kind of censorship is indicative of a leader who lacks confidence in his own powers of persuasion and the legitimacy of his course. Why else would Bush be so interested in hiding evidence of dissent within the American populace?... "We were not allowed anywhere near any kind of position where the president, or the media which follows him, would see or hear us," Buckley wrote. "What is happening everywhere Mr. Bush goes is wrong. The effort being made to hide political opposition in this country is more than cowardly. It's un-American."... In the past, courts have ruled protest pens invalid. Americans have a right to address grievances to their president when he appears in public, even if that ruins a particular "photo op."

'You Have No Rights If The Cops Decide You Don't'

DC activist Shawna Bader writes in Alternet.org: "At 8am on Friday, Sept. 27, I went into downtown Washington DC, curious to figure out what the Anti-Capitalist Convergence was all about...I passed by some people getting arrested in front of one of the IMF buildings, watched for a second, and then got the heck out of there -- I support these guys and what they are protesting with all my heart, but I really wanted to get to work by 11 a.m. and had no interest in getting bullied or arrested by the cops....So there I am, holding a cappuccino in a park surrounded by police, saying to myself, OK, it is time to get out of here. The police refused to let me out...the police instead taught a lesson in how to radicalize college students. The message coming from the police is: If you go to a demonstration, permitted or not, peaceful or not, whether or not you are planning a non-violent direct action or even if you are just walking by, you have no rights if the cops decide you don't."

700 Arizona Protestors Hold an 'Unwelcoming Party' for Bush

George Warmonger Bush is finding out that 'money can't buy you love'. While he preached to the fundraising choir in Flagstaff, Arizona, hundreds of people outside sang 'We Shall Overcome' and shouted their opposition to the Unelected One. "Young girls passed out strawberries as snacks while a charity group called Food Not Bombs served rice, salad, bread and a noodle soup to a growing line of people. Signs with different messages and agendas came together at the demonstration. Some asked, 'Why do the Nations Rage?' Others read, 'Bombs $2M, Oil $5B, Casualties $10B, Peace Priceless.' Some launched chants of 'No Blood for Oil' and 'Who's the Criminal? Bush!' resounding through the crowd, where they were picked up and shouted over the heads of protesters, Secret Service agents and police officers. Roxane George of the Flagstaff Activist Network called on demonstrators to stay 'committed to peace, love and compassion.'" So reports the AZ Daily Sun.

While Bush 'Denounces' Iraq, Thousands of Protestors Denounce Bush's Warmongering

Inside the Adam's Mark hotel in Denver, Bush repeated his usual lies. Outside, thousands of protestors expressed their anger and frustration over Bush's warmongering. And the protest crowds will only get bigger the longer Bush tries to ignore the will of the people.