Are US Prisons Really the Posh Hotels They're Made Out to Be?

Kentucky Herald-Reader reports: "Beyond the tidy picnic tables and exercise yard, behind the pink-hued cinderblock walls of the Grant County Detention Center, inmates say scenes of horror unfold that the human conscience can usually fathom only in medieval prisons or on the sets of sadistic Hollywood movies. An onslaught of federal lawsuits - 13 in the past 6 months - has unleashed gruesome story after story about brutality in the newly expanded jail, which houses more than 300 local, state and federal inmates, whose crimes run the gamut from speeding to murder.... Kelsey Kauffman, a former corrections officer who has devoted decades to studying prison brutality and its causes: 'You take the most despised population, criminals, and put a staff over them that is overworked, underpaid, undertrained and undersupervised - and you're surprised when there's brutality?' said Kauffman. 'The only way to diminish these problems is to have adequate training and supervision and accountability.'"

Reporter John Biewen on the Meria Heller Show

"John is a reporter making the online news at American Radio Works. A lot of you have noticed his articles about our prison systems, the horrors within, the corporate takeover of our prisons, today we will be discussing that in detail. This will pick up where my interview with David McGowan left off. Privatization of prison populations is another form of slave labor." One of the main players in the for-profit prison industry is Bush buddy George Wackenhut. The Wackenhut corporation runs several for-profit prisons. Meanwhile, the War on Drugs keeps these prisons filled with cheap labor in the form of mostly non-violent drug offenders. And BushDaddy's CIA has at the very least admitted to tolerating cocaine trafficking, with mountains of evidence indicating that the CIA's has been directly involved in the drug trade. Wackenhut Security itself has been called the "Shadow CIA." See John Connolly's Spy Magazine article, "Wackenhut: Inside the Shadow CIA."

Prison Rape in Texas Highest in the Nation - Is Shrub-Style Homophobia to Blame?

Not only does Texas have the highest rate of prison rape in the nation, it also has the lowest prosecution rate. These crimes are brutal and physcially and emotionally scarring. Yet despite the fact that a high percentage of inmates are willing to press charges, the Texas prison and judicial system refuses to act. Why? Homophobia oozes from prison offical comments. Larry Todd, for example, dismisses many brutal rapes as bogus or "lover's quarrels." Grimly typical of Texas justice is Kerry Cook, wrongly sentenced to death row (a favorite destination in the TX legal path whether you're guilt or not!) and later released. When Cook tried to prosecute relentless abuse, he was beaten and coerced into signing papers refusing to press charges. Who set the tone for this evil system? Gee, we wonder...!