Latinos Suffer Most from Environmental Injustice - a Crisis that Has Worsened under Bush

A new report from the National Hispanic Medical Association shows that a disproportionately high percentage of Latinos live in the nation's most polluted urban and agricultural areas. Latino health is seriously threatened by air pollution, agricultural pesticides, and other contaminants such as lead and mercury, which may cause asthma and cancer; giardiasis, hepatitis, cholera and other waterborne diseases; and neurological and developmental problems. "The report found that too often government authorities, businesses, farm operators and landlords fail to provide warnings in Spanish about environmental health threats, while federal and state agencies have not collected relevant data or conducted studies assessing environmental health threats in Latino communities." Under Bush, regulations on major harmful pollutants have been loosened, which means, quite simply, that this administration has been extremely bad for Latino health - and another four years could, for some, be lethal.

Kerry Gaining Ground Among Hispanics, Leads Bush 60-32%

Since March, the RNC has been continuing to assert that Bush will end up winning 40-42% of the Hispanic vote. Meanwhile, his support among Hispanics continues to erode, now tanking at just 32%. Meanwhile, Hispanics are increasingly sharing African Americans' fears that their votes will not be counted. 12% of Hispanic voters - more than 1 in 10 - not believe their votes will not be counted.

Kerry Endorsed by Hispanic Leaders

"Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry today received the unanimous endorsement of the Committee for Hispanic Causes BOLD PAC (Building Our Leadership Diversity Political Action Committee). The endorsement by national Hispanic Congressional leaders was formally announced today in Phoenix, Ariz. 'It is time for a change in the White House and John Kerry is that change,' said BOLD PAC Chair Rep. Joe Baca (CA-43). 'The Bush administration has failed to fully fund our children's education, failed to provide a real prescription drug plan for our seniors, and left thousands of veterans without the benefits they deserve, all in favor of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. John Kerry will make sure that all Americans have a fair shot at the American Dream and return the prosperity they experienced a decade ago.' "

The Latino Wave: How Hispanics Will Elect the Next American President

Jorge Ramos says, "The last polls I've seen, the majority of Latinos will vote for the Democratic Party, but the important question has to do with percentages. If George Bush gets more than 30% of the Hispanic vote, he might be re-elected. Since Ronald Reagan, every Republican candidate who gets more than 30% wins the White House. Kerry's challenge is to get about 70% of the Hispanic vote -- Al Gore got 67%... you will have 3 or 4 million voters who have never voted before in a presidential election, and that is truly amazing. The political party that controls the Hispanic vote will dominate politics in America in the future. I'm still very surprised that both political parties are not paying more attention to these new Hispanic voters who have never exercised their rights in the past because they were not US citizens or they were too young. They are going to decide this election."

Nearly 6 in 10 Hispanic Voters Favor Kerry over Bush

Despite the slick multi-million-dollar PR campaign Bush has been conducting to woo Hispanic voters, these Americans are not fooled by his "promise them anything, deliver nothing" routine. They've heard it all before. A new Zogby poll published in the Miami Herald reveals that only 33% of Hispanic voters plan to back Bush while 58% plan to vote for Kerry. This means Bush has lost 2% of the Hispanic vote he gained in 2000. Perhaps equally significant, 66% of Hispanics polled say they have a favorable impression of Kerry, while only 48% have a favorable impression of Bush. Meanwhile, on 4/09, Henry Cisneros and other prominent Hispanic leaders held an event dedicated to setting the record straight on Bush's broken promises to the Hispanic community.http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=141-04082004

Democrats Must Answer GOP's Slick Prepackaged Propaganda Targeting Hispanics - and Soon

AP: "Some Hispanic Democrats are afraid Republicans, who have spent months preparing and have millions to spend, could gain ground in several key states as the GOP aims to boost Bush's Hispanic support to at least 40%. He got 35% of that vote in 2000. 'What I'm worried about is excessive Republican advertising among Hispanics without an appropriate response,' said NM Gov. Bill Richardson,a Dem who is Hispanic. 'I have nightmares these ads might penetrate the five-point spread.'" Bush has poured millions into a glitzy 30-state campaign to spread his party propaganda. Richardson and other Hispanic leaders are urging Kerry to pick a Hispanic outreach coordinator - and soon. Meanwhile, it's grim reality(minorities have lost ground under Bush) versus Bush fantasy-world advertising full of slick talk and empty promises.

Number of Latino Democrats in Swing States Has Ballooned Since 2000

Cindy Rodriquez writes: "How can a group that numbers just 38.8 million, a mere 13.5 percent of the U.S. population, and accounts for about 7 percent of all eligible voters help decide who becomes our next president? The answer lies in the fact that the number of Latinos has increased enough in battleground states. If they vote as a bloc they could take the presidency away from George W. Bush and give it to the Democratic nominee." In New Mexico and Arizona, while the white populations have declined, Latino numbers have grown. In NM, the majority of Democrats in the state are Latino. "In Arizona, although the white population grew by about 43,000 people from 2000 to 2002, Latinos grew by 157,000.Considering that Bush carried Arizona by fewer than 100,000 votes, the increasing number of Latinos could help the state swing for the Democratic nominee. And there are other states where Latinos can help swing it for the Democratic party: Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida."

Hispanic Turnout Lags Behind

"Despite the dramatic growth in the Hispanic population of south Phoenix and other Arizona neighborhoods, politics here still are dominated by white conservatives who operate out of power bases in Mesa, Scottsdale and north Phoenix. Though 27 percent of the state is Hispanic, only 15 of its 90 legislators are, about 17 percent. Even in heavily Hispanic south Phoenix, its City Council seat and one of two state legislative seats are held by African-Americans long after that community has become a distinct minority here. In many ways this is the national story of the Hispanic vote: A combination of young demographics, low education and abysmal voter turnout means that, outside of California and Texas, Hispanic voters are consistent underperformers as a political force." Denver Post

Maryland Latino Caucus Ex-Communicated by GOP for Daring to Criticize Bush's Pal Bob Ehrlich

"The Maryland Republican Party moved Saturday to sever its ties with the Maryland Hispanic Republican Caucus after the caucus chairman criticized Gov. Robert Ehrlich for not appointing Hispanics to high-level jobs. The party's executive committee voted 20-1 with two abstentions to recommend that the state central committee rescind a resolution recognizing the caucus as an affiliate of the state party. 'We got sidetracked. We are back on track,' said party chairman John Kane. Kane had threatened to strip the caucus of its designation as a party affiliate unless caucus chairman Jorge Ribas stepped down, but Ribas refused to resign and on Thursday the caucus executive committee voted overwhelmingly to retain him." What a joke: this is the party that likes to bill itself as 'sensitive' to Latino issues. Yeah, real sensitive.

Racist Republican Ad Enrages Latinos

"Local Democratic leaders are upset about a new radio spot that is running on at least one area radio station attacking State Sen. Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa. Hinojosa is among the 11 Democrat senators holed up in and Albuquerque, N.M., hotel to... prevent passage of a congressional redistricting plan that would slice up Rio Grande Valley congressional representation. The ad, paid for by the Texas Republican Party, questions Hinojosa's voting record... While the ad might mislead listeners about Hinojosa's voting record, local leaders are questioning the method of delivery. The radio spot features two unidentified actors... speaking in cartoonish, thickly Mexican-accented English. 'That's the mentality that the Republicans have of our part of the state,' said Juan Maldonado, chairman of the statewide Tejano Democrats. 'They think we're still sleeping under a cactus with a big sombrero and don't know how to speak English.'" So much for Bush's much-touted outreach to Latinos!

National Association of Hispanic Publications Challenges Bush to Stop Corporate Merger of Univision and HBC

The National Association of Hispanic Publications says, "The already declining number of minority broadcast media owners, along with the controversial new FCC rules allowing greater media concentration and the proposed merger between Univision and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (HBC), will combine to drastically decrease access that Spanish-speaking Americans have to diverse, competing sources of news, information, entertainment and other cultural programming in the broadcast media, and to opportunities for media ownership." The group is demanding that Bush stop the pending anti-ethnic diversity merger between the nation's largest Spanish-language TV network and HBC (the country's largest Spanish-language radio network), as well as any other media merger which would create a monopoly in Spanish-language TV and radio broadcasting."

Transcript: Democratic Radio Response Announcing Agenda for Hispanic Families

"Hello, this is Congressman Bob Menendez, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. This week, House and Senate Democrats joined to announce the Democratic agenda for Hispanic families, called 'The Hispanic Community and the Democratic Party: Working Together for America's Future.' Democrats have always stood with Hispanic families, and, unlike our Republican counterparts, our work on behalf of the Hispanic community does not begin during election season and end with the closing of the polls on Election Day. Our work, and this agenda, reflects Hispanic values that are America's values. And our job on behalf of this community carries on every single day. It is an agenda that will benefit millions of Hispanic Americans, and will make America stronger for future generations... The Republican lip service to the Hispanic community does not hide their appalling legislative record, including a proposed budget by the Bush Administration."

Bush Courts Latino Votes - But Latinos Are Not Fooled

The Bush regime is desperately courting the Latin community for precious votes. Read what El Pueblo, the first informative political newsletter in Spanish on the Internet, says about past experiences and what's behind the right wing strategy - plus a whole lot more!

Grupo Beta Struggles to Reduce Suffering and Dangers to Illegal Mexican Immigrants

Bush keeps immigrants in cruel suspense by keeping their fate in limbo while the U.S. border patrol continues to use guns, barbed wire, and intimidation to deflect illegal crossings. Meanwhile, Grupo Beta is pursuing a very different and far more humanitarian path. Grupo Beta is a special Mexican migrant-aid force now armed only with information, water, and packets of electrolytes. The members ride along the borders, some in trucks, some on horseback, trying to find illegals at risk - those who have been duped by smugglers or who may be in danger of death or harm. The group has no power to stop illegals, but can save them from dying in the cruel Arizona desert, where many are abandoned. If US corporations would create jobs in Mexico that paid the same rate as the same job in the US, the flood of immigrants would slow. Instead, US corporations exploit Mexican labor on BOTH sides of the border.