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Pressured by Protests, Wal-Mart Stops Selling Anti-Semitic Book
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Until the protests of the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center became too much to ignore, Wal-Mart had been selling "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", an infamous anti-Semitic tract that has been used throughout the last century to justify the persecution of Jews, even to justify genocide. Only the most fanatical haters give credence to the book's phony origin as a "Jewish manifesto". But Wal-Mart's web site marketed this trash as a respectable book, only noting that its authenticity "can never be proven conclusively" and including the mealy-mouthed disclaimer, "We neither support nor deny its message. We simply make it available for those who wish a copy." Other book vendors sell the book, but with strong disclaimers about its origin and purpose. Do you still shop at Wal-Mart? Do you really want to support hate-mongering?

Daniel Pipes' 'Campus Watch' Spies on and Harasses Professors of Middle East Studies
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When Daniel Pipes was nominated to the US Institute of Peace, Arab-Americans and non-bigots of every type were horrified. Their fears were well-founded. Pipes formed a campus group called "Campus Watch" dedicated to spying on and hounding professors and students of Middle Eastern studies. Here's a quote from one of Pipes' pals, Martin Kramer: "Academic colleagues, get used to it. You are being watched. Those obscure articles in campus newspapers are now available on the Internet, and they will be harvested. Your syllabi, which you've also posted, will be scrutinized. Your websites will be visited late at night." But it's "unfair" to compare Bush to Hitler, or Pipes' group to say, the Gestapo. Well -- we can easily find parallels in Stalinist Russia.

Arab-American Newspaper Firebombed
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"The Arab American News in Dearborn, Michigan was hit late Monday or early Tuesday with what appeared to be a homemade firebomb. A glass bottle was found shattered near the back entrance where the sidewalk was charred from the fire, according to the station's reports. Police believe the person or persons responsible were attempting to throw the firebomb through a door to set the building afire, but the door was reportedly equipped with unbreakable bulletproof glass. Employees of the paper, including its publisher and editor-in-chief, Osama Siblani, believe it was an act of intimidation. 'This is a newspaper and we take a position and some people may not like our position,' said Siblani."

Far-Right Recruiting Drive
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Writes Yigal Schleifer: "Experts and movement members alike agree that many of America's tiny but energetic far-right groups are seizing on the terror attacks to boost recruitment and help spread their messages of hate. 'Their information campaign is being stepped up, not only stepped up but altered to use the Sept. 11 attacks as a lever to change people's opinion in order to get them to come aboard,' says Mark Pitcavage, national director of fact-finding for the Anti-Defamation League, a New York-based organization which monitors the activity of hate groups. In the days after the attacks in New York and Washington, hate groups attempted to take advantage of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiment. Members of the World Church of the Creator, an Illinois-based white supremacist group, sought new recruits at a demonstration in the Chicago suburb of Bridgeview at which police prevented a crowd of several hundred from attacking a local mosque."

Violent Rightwing Extemists in U.K. Being Funded and Egged on by American Hate Groups 'Legitimized' by Bush Coup
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With Bush at the helm, we are becoming bad global neighbors - deadly, in fact. An investigation by the UK "Guardian Observer" reveals that the U.K. must brace itself for a summer of huge, violent race riots, thanks in large part to funding and encouragement from U.S. hate groups. The British National Front and Combat 18 Neo-Nazi groups, who are violently targeting Asian communities, provoked the worst race riot in Britain in over 2 decades last weekend. The event came just weeks after BNP head Nick Griffin visited hate group leaders in the U.S., who provided him with thousands of dollars and (no doubt) strategies for creating havoc. U.S. donors included the odious National Alliance, based in Virginia/W.VA. The NA is headed by Ron Dogget, who authored a book about race war that inspired Timothy McVeigh. Thanks to Bush, whose theft of the election has made it plain rightwingers are now above U.S. law, such groups now consider themselves legitimate and see no reason why they shouldn't infect Europe with the Bush-Cheney Neonazi disease, too.

Encouraged by Growing Rightwing Political Power and Internet 'Hideouts', Hate Groups Flourish
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A recent study by the Southern Poverty Law Center reveals that rightwing militas are disbanding. Why? The unified rightwing government is their pal and promoter - no need for guns now. Instead, these vicious folks now have the Internet, the GOP-held Congress and Bush to oh-so-legally promote their hateful agenda. In this new environment, lone-wolf sickos such as McVeigh can now take an active part in the mainstream "conservative reform" movement. Instead of making bombs, these creeps and their protectors (including Bush-owned supreme court judges) will soon be in a position to write our laws.