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How the Federalist Society is Capturing the Federal Courts
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Martin Garbus writes, "To understand the systematic nature of the right's takeover of American public life, consider the Federalist Society. During the first Bush presidency and less than a decade after its founding in 1982, the society had already gained control of the process of vetting federal judicial appointees. By 2001 the Federalists were so dominant that George W. Bush simply eliminated the longstanding role in the evaluation of prospective judges by the resolutely centrist ABA... Liberals and Democrats need to recognize the systematic character of this assault and the immense stakes. Unless liberals mount a resistance with the same zeal and shrewdness that Bush and the Federalist Society are using to pack the courts, we will have a hard-right judiciary for decades to come. As the great Judge Learned Hand said: 'Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.'"

Federalist Society Touts Extremist Reactionary Republican Initiatives
federalist society

"Mr. Graglia, a self-described 'far right' law professor at the U of Texas, was attending the Federalist Society's 20th anniversary gala at what could only be called a triumphal moment. The Federalist Society, a group of conservative lawyers and academics, has emerged from obscurity to perhaps the most powerful force in the law today....At the legal panels, administration officials fell over themselves to say what the crowd wanted to hear. At a business-law panel, a top Justice Department lawyer talked about settling the Microsoft antitrust case, a move applauded by conservatives, who saw the suit as Clinton-era interference with the prerogatives of big business. But to Mr. Graglia, the administration's business-friendly line sounded like so much liberal claptrap. During the question period, he demanded to know why the administration was bothering to enforce antitrust laws at all. 'It really is time to be bold,' he insisted. 'The boldest thing to do would be to repeal all the laws.'"

The Federalist Society - The Conservative Cabal that is Attacking America from Within
federalist society

They are a meanspirited, anti-American club of mostly white, mostly male ultrarightwingers who have since 1979 (when they helped ram Reagan into office)worked relentlessly behind the scenes, backed by untold stores of money and power, to tear America as we know it down. They have methodically worked to roll back civil rights, women's rights, prisoners's rights, voting rights, environmental protections, consumer protections, protections for the elderly and handicapped - and just about every other right and protection that most consider decent and good. Now, thanks to having dozens of their "club members" in key power positions in the Bush Administration, the Federalist Society is coming dangerously close to achieving its goal. Once again we ask: WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS?

Did Bush And The Federalist Society Bullies Shake Down The Gates Geek For Lunch Money?
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The Bush-Ashcroft Justice Dept. has announced that they will not seek to break up Microsoft, nor will they pursue the bundling issues. What's interesting is that three of Ashcroft's fellow Federalist Society bigwigs went after Microsoft. Honorary chairman Orrin Hatch trumpeted the Government's case, while Robert Bork -- his Fed-Soc co-chairman -- was "pocketing an undisclosed hourly fee from Netscape Communications Corp. as part of the Internet browser company's ongoing campaign to rally official Washington against arch rival Microsoft Corp [Washington Post, 6/25/98] ." Recently, Ken Starr joined the AOL/Oracle/Sun legal team fighting MS. For protection, Microsoft ran to the Cato Institute and Heritage Foundation --- sister organizations of the Federalist Society. Microsoft even got the Federalist Society to flak for them (after making a $75,000 donation)! MS also became a big-time Bush/GOP backer. And it was exposed that Bush campaign advisor Ralph Reed was hired by MS to lobby Bush.

Welcome to Corporate America: The Federalist Society's Dark Vision for U.S. Reminiscent of 'Chicken Run'
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Bush promised America a moderate presidency and unification, but instead delivered the nation into the clutches of a pack of corporate power brokers called the "Federalist Society," that plans to run the country like a giant corporation. According to an investigative report by the nonpartisan People for the American Way, "leading members of the Society take federalism to an extreme by seeking to block the ability of the federal government to enact and enforce laws protecting the environment, civil rights, workplace health and safety, and other areas." And that's just the start. The faith-based plan is a scam designed to withdraw the government's responsibility for caring for the ill and poor before dumping such people competely. Afterall, the old, the poor, the sick and disabled are of no use to a well-run corporation.

The Conspiracy Theorists are Right - an Evil 'Illuminati' Does Exist, But It's Called the Federalist Society and It's Now Running America
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Most of the folks who voted for Bush did so assuming he was a moderate Republican who would adhere to a moderate, unifying policy. THAT IS WHAT THEY ELECTED HIM TO DO. However, Bush has violated the public trust, not just by stealing the election, but also by selling America out to a neo-Nazi-esque secretive group calling itself the Federalist Society. On matters of law and justice, they tell him what to do, what to think, what to say, what to believe (a dry drunk half-wit's dream come true). And, scariest of all, they want to tell YOU what to do, think, say, and believe, too. We are calling on all readers to open up this issue, start asking questions, pass this information on to EVERYONE, even the conservatives you know - they, too, have been duped.

The Federalist Society: Stacking the Deck with the Masters of Corporate Power
federalist society

Bush has turned America over to a powerful right-wing cabal. They are the Federalist Society, a group of corporate power brokers cloaked in an ideological smokescreen who want to establish a Fourth Reich based on the Almighty corporate buck. Leading the pack in this stacked deck is none other than Robert Bork, the corrupt judge whose nomination to the Supreme Court by fellow Federalist Society member Ronald Reagan was torpedoed (thank God!) by the Dems. Bork is back in power, behind the scenes, and is burning for vengeance. At a Washington party in January, he was heard to applaud the theft of the election and to remark that in another time and place, they'd just hang Clinton - good riddance. Another Federalist Society mover and shaker is the amoral Supreme Scalia, chief engineer of the sell out of America by the Supreme Court. Others: John Ashcroft and Gail Norton.