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NeoCon Front Groups Come Out of the Woodwork to Attack Kerry
corporate front groups

Kerry's absolutely right - Bush lets others do his dirty work. Now that his current smear-job point men have been exposed, he's callin' in the corporate front group reserves. Like the so-called "National Taxpayers Union/Foundation" (why do these front groups alway throw in "foundation" - as if they thought that gives more credibility!). This group claims Kerry supported tax cuts for the wealthy under Reagan - another huge Bushie distortion. But a little digging reveals that NTU, under the guise of promoting tax relief, is dedicated to gutting any federal regulations or taxes levied on corporations. Like this article headed "Taxpayers at Risk in Anti-Trust Wars" that makes the case that corporate monopolies are a GOOD thing and that poor Microsoft was just an "innocent victim" of those nasty guv'ment folks. So when the mainstream media starts quoting "experts" from a "foundation" with "facts" about Kerry's tax vote record, make sure you have about a ton of salt handy.

Corporate Front Group Alert: National Center for Policy Analysis Seeks to Undermine Global Warming Legislation
corporate front groups

Here's another all-Republican, all corporate front group that calls itself a "think tank": National Center for Policy Analysis. Try to find where their funding comes from, and all you will get is a crude "pie" showing that most comes from "foundations", followed by corporations. No foundations are named - probably because they are all rightwing money-funnelers - and no corporations, either (ExxonMobil probably tops the list). Scroll through the list of "experts" - all are conservative businessfolk of some sort - no real scientists. Their token "doctor" led the fight to defeat Clinton's health care reforms. But the media eats their propaganda up. http://www.ncpa.org/abo/ Just check out this list of citations! Now the NCPA is trying to undermine global warming legislation.

More Proof Corporate Front Group Collusion with the Media
corporate front groups

Myron Ebell, head of the junk science-disseminating anti-global warming division of the Competitive Enterprise Institute was caught with his pants down, so to speak. Ebell accidentally forwarded a memo to several reporters in which senators were discussed in cynically disparaging terms. Even sleazier than the memo's contents is the proof it represents that the CEI is in such regular chummy contact with several news reporters. As all cyber communicators know, you don't "just happen" to have someone on your list of regular email recipients. The CEI has received nearly $1.5 million in donations since 1998 from ExxonMobil, which specifically contributes $200,000 to $400,000 a year to support the junk science-filled climate section of this corporate front group. Ie., ExxonMobil funds the creation of a junk science "think tank," paying its reps (Ebell, for ex.) to disseminate this misinformation to the media, who apparently eats it right up.

Corporate Front Group Claims States' Efforts to Restrict Outsourcing is 'Unconstitutional'
corporate front groups

This press release is designed to sound as if a hoard of legal analysts, acting in the best interests of state governments, are warning against legislation to restrict outsourcing. But look more closely. The group, the National Foundation for American Policy is yet another corporate front group whose sole aim is to promote the exploitation of cheap labor under the guise of "free market" principles. Look even more closely and you will see that the three top "advisors" to NFAP are Stuart Anderson, who formerly worked with Spencer Abraham and was a director at the Cato Institute; Jagdish Bhagwati, a media propagandist born and raised in India (home of most outsourced labor), and Cesar Conda , who served as Vice President Dick Cheney's principal adviser on domestic and economic policy issues. 'Nuff said! See http://www.nfap.net/about/biographies/

Corporate Front Group Alert! Bogus 'Black Issues Group' Dedicated to Promoting NeoCon Agenda
corporate front groups

Project 21 pretends to be a "black issues" group. But how is promoting Monsanto's agenda a "black issue?" "Project 21 is an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research - a conservative/free market foundation with a strongly anti-environmental agenda. PR Watch describes Project 21 as 'a conservative African American organization that opposes affirmative action and the minimum wage and has issued news releases in support of genetically modified foods. Project 21 has been funded by R.J. Reynolds, and it has lobbied in support of tobacco industry interests, opposing FDA regulation of the industry, excise taxes and other government policies to reduce tobacco use.' [The Black Commentator] describes Project 21 simply as a 'Black front group' and 'a network and nursery for aspiring rightwing operatives'." We hear the GOP plans to use Project 21 in campaign 2004 to go after progressive blacks. Stay tuned...

Corporate Front Group Alert: CAGW Attacks Ted Kennedy for Daring to Speak Out against Bush Medicare Fraud
corporate front groups

This phony pack of rightwingers should rename themselves : Corporate Clingons against Anything NonNeoCon. Like Judicial Watch, Citizens against Government Waste purports to be "nonpartisan" and a "watchdog" protecting citizens interests. Instead, the only things CAGW classes as pork are taxpayer $ NOT spent on corporations or to further rightwing interests. For example, they may condemn money obtained to fund state projects as pork, but not the $40 million spent by the GOP witchhunters on the Monica Lewinsky "investigation," nor the gross overcharges and bidless contracts of Halliburton. Another classic: CAGW considers money spent by the Clinton Justice dept. to hold tobacco companies accountable as "pork".Now, because Ted Kennedy has spoken out loudly against the Medicare Reform fraud perpetrated by Bush & pals, CAGW has made Ted "porker of the month." Course CAGW doesn't consider those billions going to the pharmaceutical cos thru the Medicare plan pork!

Corporate Front Group Calls Kerry's Rejection of Oil Industry Dictation of America 'Dangerous'
corporate front groups

Kerry has the fossil fuel barons and their representatives in the White House running scared with his vision of an America no longer dependent on fossil fuel - foreign or otherwise. Press release after press release is flying from corporate front groups and "experts" trying to slant, spin, and smear Kerry's plan. In addition, these groups are frantically trying to reinforce the tired old lines they always use, like this one, from the National Center for Policy Analysis: "Every credible study shows that proposed technologies and the necessary infrastructure to replace the internal combustion engine are decades away at best." Every study credible to the fossil fuel barons, that is. History tells a different story. When corporations WANT to change an infrastructure, they do it remarkably rapidly. Look how quickly every supermarket across the nation switched to a barcode system, or how fast banks created an entire infrastructure of ATM banking!

Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Formed to Promote Bush Social Security Scheme
corporate front groups

This newly minted front group is a classic rightwing Trojan horse. It has a folksy but solid-citizen-sounding name that implies it is going to help the elderly have a rosy retirement: Alliance for Retirement Prosperity. They also designed the name so its acronym is ARP - get it? Almost, but not quite, AARP, thus inviting interchangeableness in the seniors's mind. But this group will be co-chaired by rightwingers Jack Kemp and Dick Armey (former GOP House Majority Leader). The ARP's National Policy leader: the odious, spiteful Steve Moore, President of the Club for Growth. Worst of all, Bush right hand man, the despicable Grover Norquist will serve as a key advisor. Here's the announcement with the cast of con-men and their money-laundering outlets listed: http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=107-03152004

Beware the 'Partnership for the West'
corporate front groups

Bill Berkowitz writes: "Partnership for the West, which grew out of a late-September summit attended by several elected officials, a number of corporate representatives, and members of many long-standing anti-environmental organizations including the American Land Rights Association, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, and the Mountain States Legal Foundation (from which Gale Norton hails), was formally unveiled on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., in late October. The organization's credo, as spelled out on its web site, is 'Restoring a Common Sense Balance to Economic Growth and Conservation in the West': 'If you want a clean environment and a healthy, growing economy, and you believe there is no reason why America can't have both, you belong in the Partnership for the West.' The group's plan sounds nice, until you see who's behind it. Claiming to be a grassroots lobbying group, PFTW actually represents a kinder, gentler and more politically savvy brand of anti-environmentalism."

FDA Recommends Dangerous Silicone Breast Implants Thanks to Rigged Panel and Bushit by Manufacturer and the NY Times
corporate front groups

Laura Flanders writes, "Most implants still rupture, requiring additional surgeries, and silicone implants - unlike saline devices - leak toxic silicone into the body... [But] four of the nine panelists who voted for the implants were plastic surgeons. Another 'yes' vote, Dr. Elizabeth Connell, serves as a senior consultant for Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA), an industry-funded front group that wants to limit corporate liability for defective products. In her coverage of the FDA panel's decision, NY Times ' Gina Kolata, who has been receiving accolades from industry for years, described CALA as 'an advocacy group,' with 'no connection to Inamed.' A quick Google search reveals that CALA is funded by health insurers, big tobacco and chemical companies including Dow Chemical. Many of the same corporations fund the Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, another industry-front group which in 1995, gave Kolata an award for her reporting." Another reason to cancel your subscription.

Example of Bonafide Science Site Hijacking by Rightwing Corporate Junk Science Peddlers!
corporate front groups

A science writer we know recently had to access a page on Ice Age climate - a bonafide science page from the Mt. Washington Observatory called "The Weather Notebook," funded largely by the National Science Foundation. At the bottom was a hotlink to a timeline of Earth's climate history for the last 2 million years. But when you click on it, you get a 404 message, with instructions to click on an alternative site. This site turns out to be a corporate-funded anti-environmental, anti-Kyoto, global warming-debunking site called "CO2 Science Magazine." Here's the bonafide science site: http://www.weathernotebook.org/transcripts/1999/10/20.html Each link at the bottom is diverted to CO2 Science Magazine! How many other sites have been sabotaged this way? And are these people in cahoots with google.com? We informed the Weather Notebook of the sabotage.

Traditional Values Coalition Unmasked as Corporate Front Group for Pharmaceutical Industry
corporate front groups

This outfit, like all rightwing corporate front groups, has a "solid citizen" sounding name: the Traditional Values Coalition. But the real purpose of TVC is to lobby on behalf of the fat cat drug companies seeking to block the access of American citizens to reasonably priced pharmaceuticals. A recent TVC letter sent to Congress, though signed by TVC ringleader Andrea Sheldon Lafferty was drafted, however, by a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies and a former top aide to flim-flam artist/sociopath Tom DeLay. A memo trying to invoke the emotional issue of the anti-abortion pill to sway votes was drafted by Bruce Kuhlik, a senior VP at PhRMA, a trade group funded by the nation's biggest drug companies. Drug money was also used in TVC's direct-mail campaign. Real Christian values, eh?

The 'Wise Use Movement' is a Corporate Front Group Preaching a Litany of Fear
corporate front groups

The "Wise Use Movement" pretends to be an environmental group that is merely trying to harmonize environmental protection with human needs. Sounds good, right? But the reality is very ugly. This outfit, beneath its folksy grassroots veneer (created no doubt in the backrooms of corporate think tanks) is dedicated to promoting fear and intimidation in conservative folks in states rich with natural resources that the mining, oil, and timber industries hunger to exploit more completely. Under Bush, expect this phony front group to rachet up its propaganda campaign and seek to push more land use cases toward its pals in the Supreme Court.

Rightwing 'Version' of the Sierra Club Challenges Clinton Monuments
corporate front groups

One of the most arrogant rightwing corporate front men is William Perry Pendley. Posing as a "wise use environmentalist" and backed by corporate dollars, Pendley runs several slick anti-environmental groups under various names, including the Mountain Legal Defense Foundation. This outfit is a dark imitation of the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund. Pendley sucks people in the same way the Bush Reich does - preaching fear via the usual tactic: job loss, intrusive government, etc. But who on Earth would buy Pendley's rants against intrusive government when his biggest backers are the same ones who back G.W. Bush? At present Pendley is seeking to undo Clinton's efforts to save 3.7 million of America's last unspoiled wildlands through establishng national monuments.

Corporate Propaganda Watch! Democrat-bashing 'Stromata' Website Fabricated by Corporate Lobbyist
corporate front groups

Stromata, disguised as an intellectual/literary site (complete with science fiction links) is in fact a corporate propaganda front. Its creator, Tom Veal, makes his living as an ERISA toady, which lobbies Congress on behalf of corporate employers). Little wonder then that Veal's "intellectual" exercises are devoted to bashing Democrats, Bill Clinton and Tom Daschle in particular, and in pleading a case FOR those poor, misunderstood CEOs at Enron and Worldcom. Worse yet, this guy appears to have an agreement with google.com - they have flooded the search engine with SCORES of links to Stromata - the kind of link spreading google only does for a very high price, and not by chance. We bet Stromata stands for Self-righteous Tireseome Rightwing Old Man's Arrogant Tirades & Accusations.

The True Face of (Corporate) Libertarianism: the Cato Institute Endorses the Bush Police State
corporate front groups

Funny how a 'libertarian' think tank changes its tune once a right-wing junta controls the FBI. "Roger Pilon, vice president for legal affairs at the Cato Institute…had the following remarks: 'As reported in the press, the new FBI surveillance guidelines present no serious problems. Especially under post-September 11 circumstances, law enforcement monitoring of public places is simply good, pro-active police work that violates the rights of no one. The same is true for topical research not directly related to a specific crime, which the new guidelines will permit. Depending on how the work is conducted, there is always the potential for abuse, of course. But unless the new latitude leads to significant abuse, that potential should not preclude officials from taking an active role not simply in prosecuting but in preventing crime as well.'" Cato is funded by Richard Mellon Scaife and other right-wing supporters of authoritarian groups like the Council for National Policy.

Bush Using AOL Greeting Site to Solicit Funds for GOP!
corporate front groups

Unbelievable! When one of us went up on the AOL "Greetings" site - one of the MOST visited sites on the entire web, a very disturbing discovery was made. AFTER you fill out your credit card information, you're forcibly whisked into a page where you are slapped with a short list of promotions. NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST: "President Bush and the Republican Party Needs Your Support President Bush needs your support. Receive updates on important issues that affect our nation. Get involved! *Must be over 18 to participate." If this is not a plug for funds, then why is the credit card number required FIRST? And, of course, nowhere on the site is a plug for the Democratic Party. This smacks of Tom Delay's boiler room hustles. And it certainly proves AOL - already propaganda centeral - is now a fundraising organ for the GOP.

Corporate Propagandist Nichols Dezenhall Launches Slick Smear Campaign against Environmentalists
corporate front groups

"If you've ever given money to an environmental organization, if you support the movement's agenda, then you're probably part of a grand conspiracy that's degrading life in America. Worse yet, you might even be a terrorist, or at least an accomplice. At least that's what Nick Nichols seems to think," writes Tompaine.com's David Case. Nichols is the CEO of "crisis communication" firm Nichols Dezenhall, the force behind many corporate front groups. And behind Nichols Dezenhall is a "shadow cartel" of corporations, which remains the company's "little secret." However, rumor has it that one of the big clients is the Society of the Plastics Industry. On March 7, 2002 ND and the rightwing "think tank" Competitive Enterprise Inst. held a bogus conference on "Eco Extremism" in an assembly room overlooking the U.S. Capitol. Although allegedly "open to the public," environmentalists were barred from admission.

Corporations Target Science Teachers in All-out Propaganda Assault on Environmental Education
corporate front groups

"Corporations now view schools as convenient locations for the dissemination of propaganda debunking environmental concerns. Their objective is simple: protect industries that despoil the planet and put the brakes on the emergence of environmental awareness among young people. The spectrum of curricula is breathtaking and its shamelessness is overt. The American Nuclear Society provides 'Let's Color and Do Activities with the Atoms Family.' Through the looking glass of big timber, old-growth forests become biological problems that require clear-cutting in order to survive." So writes John Borowski, who made his debut at Democrats.com last year (see http://democrats.com/view.cfm?id=2648)

Vicious Anti-Activist Site is Funded by - You Guessed It - Evil Corporations!
corporate front groups

ActivistCash.com viciously attacks progressive groups like Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and even Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Why? Because these groups threaten the profits of evil corporations by exposing their greedy and corrupt actions. Activistcash.com is the creation of corporate lobbyist Rick Berman, who has openly boasted that he attacks activists more aggressively than other lobbyists. "We always have a knife in our teeth," he said. Since activists "drive consumer behavior on meat, alcohol, fat, sugar, tobacco and caffeine," his strategy is "to shoot the messenger. ... We've got to attack their credibility as spokespersons." Hey Rick, how will you feel if your child gets killed by a drunk driver?

Professional Liars: Why the 'Public Relations Industry' Has Become a $30-billion Growth Industry
corporate front groups

Spinning the truth to protect corporate interests - a slimy business euphemistically know as the "public relations industry" - is now a $30-billion per year growth industry. In other words, there's a whole army of con artists out there who are making a good living off spawning "palatable" lies and deceiving the public. No one knows this better than activist John Stauber, who has been battling corporations for decades. Stauber has discovered that no only do corporations like Monsanto spend millions on deception, they often collude with the USDA and FDA to hoodwink the public - even hiring spies to derail the efforts of concerned citizens to get at the truth. This article is definitely a must read to share with others.

Point Hope Native Corporation Is a Pre-Fab Front Created by Oil Industry to Help Legitimize Appearance of ANWR Exploitation
corporate front groups

After reading about how the "Point Hope Native Corporation" (the Inupiat People) won a contract to help build a missile defense site, we did a little digging. Seems the "corporation" was a "pre-fab" job, slapped together to appear to be an established outfit. Note the absence of any history, any corporate biography, any real achievments, only one (very recent) press release, no real people mentioned except one Jane Cheatham. "Site Under Construction" pops up every other click, along with "filler text." This is a textbook example of a "Potemkin Village," folks (see http://tompaine.com/features/2001/01/30/index.html). This whole "corp." was built on the ASSUMPTION that development would occur across no. coastal Alaska, including ANWR. Talk about arrogance. Btw - that "big contract" for missile defense amounts, basically, to clearing trees, digging two wells, and grading a road. So then what? Or has the "corporation" thought that far ahead?

Gag Us With a Spoon! 'Freemarketers' Put Nauseating Spin on the Yanking of Minimum Healthcare Standards for the Poor
corporate front groups

Tommy Thompson and Bush just axed Clinton-era regulations aimed at insuring that America's 20 million Medicaid patients (mostly women and children) are guaranteed a minimum standard of healthcare - something they are routinely denied in the "Medicaid ghetto." But this press release wants us to believe that by trashing any safeguards, "Secretary Thompson...shows the Administration's commitment to guaranteeing the rights of our nation's neediest citizens." Yeah, and if you believe that, we have some real estate on Saturn you might be interested in, too. Btw - this press release comes from one of the never-ending parade of corporate front groups: "The American Legislative Exchange Council," which can be found under www.free-market.net (says it all, doesn't it?).

After Helping to Euthanize Patients' Bill of Rights, AAPS Now Attacks Stem Cell Research
corporate front groups

Now that the Association of American Physicans and Surgeons have helped defeat an honest Patients' Bill of Rights in Congress, they have turned their attention to stem cell research. They don't want the government to fund it, no doubt because there are more bucks to be had in selling patents to the highest bidder in the free market. In this rambling, bizarre press release, ---- with truly astounding arrogance -- they treat us to a lecture on what cells are: "These biological cells are one kind of tiny, tiny living building block that make up living things, including our own bodies. They are so tiny that our body is made up of trillions of cells." Hmm, we've all had patronizing, demeaning doctors like that, haven't we? Now we know what club they belong to!

Anti-American Cato Institute Wants Congress to Hand America to Corporations and Has Even Supplied the How-to Manual
corporate front groups

The Cato Institute is the most Anti-American outfit out there, if by Anti-American you mean anti-everything beneficial to Americans. On behalf of its sugar daddies like Richard Mellon Scaife and the Coors, and its corporate funders (which includes the tobacco and oil industries), Cato has supplied Congress with its 680-page "Handbook for Congress." The plan? Eliminate the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Agriculture, Interior, Veterans Affairs, Transportation, and Education; "prohibit new entrants to the welfare rolls"; and "end all federal early education and child care subsidies and programs." It also calls for disbanding the IRS, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Small Business Administration, and some 200 other agencies and programs. Cato opposes any limits on campaign contributions and wants America to withdraw from the International Monetary Fund.

Add the 'United Seniors Association' to the List of Rightwing Front Groups
corporate front groups

Bush's rightwing front groups are putting their wagons in a circle. Just like any regime on the skids, they are now reduced to sending the old folks to the front. Check out this website of a group calling themselves the United Seniors Association (which makes a nice flag-waving acronym - USA - get it?). Founded in 1991 in the wake of the first Global Climate talks (as so many of these corporate reactionary groups were), USA has all the typical earmarks. It is based in Virginia, provides no funding information on the website, and the site looks like a slick glossy corporate job (by comparison check out the much more for-real AARP web site). Now check out their agenda - they are against the patients' bill of rights, pro-Bush Energy Plan, and they tout shady Paul O'Neill as a veritable sage. They also recommend FOX and Reverend Moon's Washington Times for news. Nuff said.

Rightwing Front Group Citizens Against Goverment Waste Calls Commuter Rail and Bike Path Projects 'Pork'
corporate front groups

CAGW, like Judicial Watch, doesn't even pretend it is a "bipartisan watchdog" group. It is linked to nearly every rightwing website (including Antiliberal.com) as "recommended." These folks are not only partisan, they are as phony as Tom Delays boiler-room fund-raising scams - and much more damaging. For example, nowhere under "pork" will you find the $100 billion Star Wars scheme, or the millions spent to mail out Publisher's Clearinghouse-style letters from the IRS on the rebate. But you WILL find a paltry $1.75 million for bike paths in CA aimed at cutting traffic and pollution, and $18.6 million for a commuter rail project in Washington State needed to meet the growing demand for mass transportation and to reduce pollution. Also considered pork by CAGW: $500,000 to improve job accessibility by rural Alaska residents. We bet the next thing on the CAGW list will be Medicare drug coverage for seniors... or maybe air pollution controls on factories in poor residential areas.

'Frontiers of Freedom' Has to Spin in Smaller and Sillier Circles To Attack RAN
corporate front groups

We are enjoying watching the pitiful show put on by corporate front groups in response to the increasing resistance of liberal AND conservative folk to their self-serving schemes. A good example: 'Frontiers of Freedom' (FOF), which was sicced on the Rainforest Action Network by the forest products industry (make NO mistake about it), is trying to use the Bush IRS to "get" the group. Why? Because RAN is one of the most tenacious and effective activist groups out there. Now FOF is whining that their loss of credibility is all Hollywood's fault and that everyone is making up nasty lies about them. They say RAN's charge that Boise Cascade is behind the IRS suit is downright false. Well, that may be so - we suspect their backer is Weyerhaeuser! (Con men use this tactic all the time - spluttering indignantly about how false an accusation is - when, in fact, only the DETAILS of the accusation are wrong!).

BBC Gives Forum to Bogus 'Climate Expert' Stott, Whose Background is as Veterinarian and Biotechnology Fanatic
corporate front groups

Philip Stott is a prime example of the "experts" who come out from under their rocks to undermine Kyoto and question global warming. BBC gave him a choice audio slot on their web site this weekend as an "expert" skeptical of global warming. But his web site (which looks like a typical corporate front site - there's plenty around) reveals no credentials whatsoever related to climate science. He has no college degree or educational credentials at all in atmospheric science, meteorology, ecology, oceanography, geophysics, climatology, or any of those fields that might qualify him to shoot off his mouth on climate change. His past work history: he was a vet. Yet now he is a molecular biologist pushing biotechnology. In any case, if you had pneumonia, would you seek treatment from a botanist? Odds are that Stott gets "expert fees" from Monsanto and/or some other corporations.

Stossel Is Condemned by FAIR and Proves He is On Take from Corporations - and We Don't Mean ABC
corporate front groups

The respected media watchdog FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) has condemned John Stossel for his self-interested slanting and manipulation of facts - and also condemned ABC for promoting Stossel's tactics. Stossel's program "Tampering with Nature" turned out to be a classic example of the green corporate front assault on science we described here a few months back (PLEASE READ: http://democrats.com/view.cfm?id=2756 and http://democrats.com/view.cfm?id=2506 and PASS ON!) He even used the same bogus "scientists" (each and every one on the pay roll of fossil fuel or chemical corporations) and touted the same "petition" signed by "17,000 scientists" that has long since been discredited as a scam. Meanwhile, he dismissed Nobel laureates and the UN, and when forced to withdraw footage of kids whom he interviewed using a false pretext, simply found another group of dupes.

Rightwing Propagandists Now Using 'Hitler Youth' Tactics on College Campuses across Nation
corporate front groups

The rightwingers are now using full-blown "Hitler Youth" tactics to ram forward their pro-corporate, anti-environmental agenda. Using a slick, highly organized scheme, recruiters are deployed to campuses armed with "how-to" info. and promises (including a promise to show kids how to win elections). Students are used to peddle propaganda by gaining access to campus resources to showcase speakers from "approved" lists. 35 "Rightwing Youths" are being flow to Germany for a sham "science conference" on global warming, brought to you by the "Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow," which cannot be found anywhere in a search of 17 search engines. Why? It's a bogus campus front for "Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow," a corporate front that pushes the reprehensible energy message of folks like junkscience.com's Steve Milloy and the coal industry-sponsored "World Climate Report." After the "science workshop," the students plan to stage a rather feeble protest of the Kyoto protocol. Thoroughly check out http://www.lead-inst.org/clp/about/about.html and http://www.cfact.org/ . You won't know whether to laugh - or cry.

FRONT GROUP ALERT: 'Center for Global Food Issues' Bashes Organic Farmers
corporate front groups

Corporate front groups are really on the move this week. First the Frontiers of Freedom spit out venomous press releases pledging to go after proactive green groups such as the Rainforest Action Network. Now we find that the Center for Global Food Issues is mounting a renewed attack on organic farmers. The CGFI is nothing more than a front outfit for the biotech industry, and we have no doubt that if you found a list of donors (which is notable by its absence from their website) you'd find Monsanto topping it. On its list of links are other ubiquitous rightwing front groups (tucked in with all the biotech sites) such as the Heartland Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Citizens for a Sound Economy, and (get this one for smokescreen titles!) International Consumers for Civil Society. Keep an eye out for their press releases and literature and pass the warning on! (For a refresher course on corporate front groups, see http://democrats.com/view.cfm?id=2506)