Despicable Lie: White House Letters to Editor on Child Care Funding

"In a recent series of letters to newspaper editors, Administration officials have asserted that pending reauthorization legislation provides $3.3 billion in new funding for child care and that the Congressional Budget Office has determined that 'at most' $1.5 billion in additional child care funding is 'needed.' To the contrary, the bills commit the federal government to ONLY $1 BILLION in additional child care funding over the next five years." In short, the White House Letter lied. Instead of "overfunding child care," it intends to underfund it to the tune of $500 MILLION DOLLARS!

Putin and Bush Both Claim to be 'Guardians of Christianity,' But Are they Also Anti-Semitic'?

It is a little scary when the leaders of two of the most powerful nations on Earth not only claim to be guardians of Christianity, but have histories that suggest that religious tolerance may not be one of their natural traits. Putin was a KGB officer during the Soviet years, when followers of all religions, especially Jews, were persecuted, while Bush is on record as having made some pretty anti-Semitic statements some years back. In addition, Bush's grandfather worked closely with the Nazis in business throughout WWII. There are disturbing reports that acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise in Russian and Ukraine, while overt demonstrations by neo-Nazis have been escalating in frequency under Bush. We shall be watching developments VERY closely.

Homeless Mothers Get Help with Childcare Burden from Shelter

"Single moms have a hard time getting child care and an even harder time getting good care," says Hank Hughes, exec. director of St. Elizabeth's Shelter for the homeless in Santa Fe. The shelter is determined to build a special center devoted to quality childcare for the children of homeless mothers to give the women a chance to get back on their feet. Child care costs for a single child can be over $100/week - canceling out any chance at saving cash for transportation, let alone a place to live. Yet Bush has slashed subsidized childcare for poor women from his "compassionate conservative" budget. Guess he wants them to stay off welfare AND out of the workforce. And although St. Elizabeth's is "faith-based," such a jewel is more rare than diamonds in a coal mine.