Re-Vote Forces American Airlines to Take Back Bonuses to Execs

"The decision by a union at American Airlines to toss out the results of an election on labor concessions has renewed fears that the troubled airline may have to file for bankruptcy. The flight attendants' union announced Friday night that it would vote again on its share of $1.8 billion in annual concessions. The union had approved the cuts earlier in the week. The union called for a new election after American belatedly disclosed bonuses for seven top executives and partial funding of extra pension benefits for 45 executives. The perks were approved last year but not disclosed until the end of regular voting by employees on the concessions, which include deep wage and benefit cuts. American rescinded the bonuses Friday. The airline had said it would file for bankruptcy immediately if any of its three main unions failed to approve the concessions."

Under Cover of War, Repugs Sneak Through Anti-consumer Bankruptcy Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved bankruptcy legislation that would make it harder for consumers to shed all of their debts, and sent it to an uncertain fate in the Senate. The overhaul of the bankruptcy code has come close to passage several times in recent years, only to stall at the last minute. Backers hope the combination of a Republican president and Republican-run Congress will finally get the measure into law. But an unresolved dispute over the treatment of abortion protesters, which derailed the bill last year, is again clouding the outlook. The legislation, approved by the House on a 315-113 vote, would make it harder for individuals judged able to pay some of their bills to wipe out all of their debts. Instead, they would be put on a five-year repayment plan.