Republican Antisemites Crawl Out from Under their Rocks to Attack Dean

Former "Christian" [sic] Coalition spokesman Cal Thomas writes, "Dean's wife is Jewish and his two children are being raised Jewish, which is strange at best, considering that the two faiths take a distinctly different view of Jesus. What exactly does Dean believe about Jesus, and how is it relevant to his presidential candidacy?" To which Steve Gilliard blogs, "So, am I to understand that it's wrong for his kids to be Jews, or for Dean to have ideas about Jesus. Either way, when this topic comes up, the only suitable answer is: you hate Jews. No subtlety, no trying to discuss it with nuance. If you question the fact that his kids were raised Jewish in any way, you're an anti-semite. It doesn't matter what Dean believes about Jesus. Nor Bush, despite what he tells us. What should be completely irrelevant is the idea that it matters what faith Dean's kids are." We demand condemnations from George Bush and Ed Gillespie!

Prominent Right-Wing Website Features Anti-Semitic Piece on George Soros

From TPM: "A conservative website called GOPUSA.com (though, let's be clear, *not* affiliated w/ the Republican party) is running a column with these pleasant things to say about George Soros: 'No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of Globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. He is the embodiment of the Merchant from Venice. His public reputation as an astute currency speculator is generous, while his skills as a manipulator and procurer of pain and suffering is shrouded in the footnotes of the financial journals...' It's not like the site is some obscure outlet with no mainstream conservatives connected to it. In addition to the author of this particular column, James Hall, the site's other regular columnists include Austin Bay, Linda Chavez, David Horowitz, Alan Keyes, and Star Parker. Meanwhile, various other right-wing luminaries and Republican members of Congress, as Atrios notes, spoke at their conference just a couple weeks ago."

Is AIPAC Anti-Semitic?

Michael Kinsley writes, "Who is spreading the anti-Semitic canard that Jews and Zionists influence American policy in the Middle East, including Iraq? It is a group calling itself the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, and claiming to be 'pro-Israel.' They all claim that, of course. But in this case, AIPAC actually is considered to be the institutional expression of the amorphous Zionist lobby. All the foregoing quotes and assertions about the huge Zionist influence with the U.S. government and the lengths to which Zionists go to protect and expand it actually refer to AIPAC itself. This doesn't make it all true, of course. AIPAC, like any organization, has an institutional interest in exaggerating its own importance... Nevertheless, you shouldn't brag about how influential you are if you want to get hysterically indignant when someone suggests that government policy is affected by your influence."

Bush vs. Congressman Moran

Bruce Ticker writes, "When Democratic Rep. James P. Moran Jr. uttered insensitive remarks about possible Jewish influence on foreign policy, he apologized within a week. Both Democratic and Republican leaders dumped on Moran, including our reliable Ari Fleischer, and his apology was not enough for Jewish communal leaders on grounds that this was not the first time. If the standards that have been set for Moran were applied to George W. Bush, [he] would have suffered a political death sentence midway through the 2000 primaries. In short, we are contending with a case of double standards for Bush and Moran - which just happens to be a common form of anti-Semitism. Interestingly, I became personally incensed with Bush because of three episodes with anti-Semitic inferences produced by his supporters. Even if Bush never authorized these actions, he refused to take responsibility for them after the fact... I wrote to Bush complaining about all these incidents and I never received a reply."

Democratic Opponent Attacks Sander Levin (D-MI) Because He's 'Not a Christian'

AP reports, "Rep. Sander Levin's opponent in a Democratic primary says the incumbent shouldn't represent the redrawn Detroit-area congressional district because he is liberal and Jewish. Michigan State Rep. William Callahan said redistricting has made the 12th District more conservative and mostly Roman Catholic. 'I mean, that man has never owned a Christmas tree. He's not a Christian. And I'm thinking, 'Jeez, how can he represent me then?' Callahan said in an interview... Ed Bruley, the Macomb County Democratic Party chairman, denounced Callahan's comments. 'That's total nonsense,' Bruley said. 'That has no place in politics. Our party is open to every faith and people who may not have a faith. To discriminate on the basis of religion has no place in our party.'" You said it, Ed!

Shrub's 'Religious Mentor' Billy Graham Caught Red-Tongued on Tape Making Anti-Semitic Slams with Nixon

When Mamma Bush decided her boy should "get religion" as a way to help his political career, she enlisted Billy Graham as Georgie's mentor. It was during this period in Bush's political career in Texas that he himself went on record making decidedly anti-Semitic comments by implying that Jews (and Muslims too) can't go to heaven unless they accept Jesus Christ as their savior. Now a just-released Nixon tape shows that Graham himself is blatantly anti-Semitic - not only that but a dishonest phony. On the tape, Graham says his Jewish pals in the media "swarm around me....[but] don't know how I really feel about what they're doing to this country." Of course, these "good Christian" comments were made right after a 90-minute prayer breakfast. Must've been like those morning prayer meetings of Ashcroft's - praise the lord and pass the shredders.

While Rumsfeld and Bush Plot How Best to Exploit Russia's Resources, Joe Biden Takes Stand on Russian Anti-Semitism

The Bush gang doesn't care what type of human rights offenses occur anywhere, even here at home, as long as they can turn a buck. By contrast, Senators Joseph Biden (D-DE), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Gordon Smith (R-OR) took the lead in addressing spreading anti-Semitism in the Russian Federation. Biden and Smith sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin expressing their concern. Among recent developments: anti-Semitism is being used as a political tool in some places and at least 10 ultra-nationalist groups have sprung up across Russian, fueled by an influx of foreign extremists, including the U.S.'s own hatemonger, David Duke. A total of 98 Senators signed the letter, but not Chuck Hegel (R-NE) and Fred Thompson (R-TN). Why not? Are they closet anti-Semites?

Jeb Defends The Anti-Semitic Diatribe Of Charlie Ward

Politex at the Bushwatch writes the following. "Last week the Washington Post reported that New York Knicks guard Charlie Ward made anti-Semitic statements and that Florida governor Jeb Bush defended those statements. The Bush family has a history of being involved with anti-Semitic remarks, as you can see from the stories below." Ward was appointed by Katherine Harris -- the voters enemy -- as spokesman for Florida's "Born To Read" program. The American Jewish Congress has demanded that Harris remove Ward from that position. Meanwhile, Jeb has added another chapter to his family's history of defending, and even supporting, anti-Semitism. But it doesn't end with mere remarks, the Bushes have long allied themselves with Nazis. Read more about this troubling history at the Bushwatch page linked below or enter "nazi" in our "Compass" search engine.

Hypocritical Anti-Semitic Bush Condemns Lack of Religious Freedom in China

Shrub wants everyone in the world to toe the moral line - everyone but George W. Bush. He dares to harass the Chinese over their persecution of relgious groups while he himself believes only those who accept Jesus Christ can hope to get to heaven. There is no evidence that Bush has changed this viewpoint, which appeared in the "Houston Post" in October 2, 1994. But he backed off from publicly expressing the belief after popular evangelist Billy Graham suggested to him that the list of who makes it to heaven was a decision for God, not governors. But maybe Shrub has changed his opinion. Maybe now he thinks only Christians with corporate connections can get to heaven. Praise be to Enron!

Cruella DeHarris Strikes Again! Harris Picks Anti-Semitic Ward as Born To Read Program Spokesman

Katharine Harris has not made life easy for Florida Jews. First, she allows thousands of Jewish voters in Palm Beach County and elsewhere in FLA to have their votes trashed. Now she has become a co-participant in Jew-bashing via her choice of NY Knicks basketball star Charlie Ward as spokesman for the Florida "Born to Read Program" for kids. On April 22, in a New York Times Magazine piece, Ward was quoted as saying that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus and that Jews are persecuting Christians everyday. Not the sort of guy you want recommending kids' reading material! The American Jewish Congress has called for Harris to strip Ward of his position. Now who's gonna have the guts to strip her of hers?