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Judge AGAIN Blocks Pentagon from Forcing Anthrax Vaccine on Troops
anthrax vaccine

Newsday: "For the second time in a year, a federal judge ordered the military Wednesday to stop requiring anthrax vaccines for U.S. military personnel. In response, the Pentagon halted mandatory anthrax vaccinations 'until further notice,' but noted the court did not question the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine. U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said the FDA violated its own procedures when it gave final approval to the vaccine last year because it failed to give the public an adequate opportunity to comment.'The men and women of our armed forces deserve the assurance that the vaccines our government compels them to take into their bodies have been tested by the greatest scrutiny of all -- public scrutiny,' Sullivan said." What's REALLY outrageous is that while the Bush admin. ordered 1.2 MILLION doses of this unproven vaccine a few months back, it didn't bother to order any extra flu vaccine!

Promising Lives Shattered by Anthrax Vaccine Forced on Soldiers by the Pentagon
anthrax vaccine

The Blue Lemur: "A 2002 study published in Emerging Drugs and Devices [a medical journresearch journal] found a signficiant statistical relationship existed between anthrax vaccination and arthralgia, arthritis, arthrosis, joint disease, myleitis, vasculitis, Guillaine-Barre syndrome, myalgia, flu syndrome, diarrhea, liver function test abormalities, gastrointestinal disease, weight loss, and nausea." So what was thge Bush administration response? To order its own study with results tailor made for the drug industry: the vaccine was declared safe and Bush ordered the that mandatory vaccination of soldiers continue. Meanwhile, hundreds - possible thousands of soldiers "have sduffered permanent afflictions as a reult of the vaccine. The military continues to assert that it is safe -[despite mounting evidence to the contrary] and has court-martialed those who refuse to take it." Here are the heartbreaking stories of some of the victims.

Pentagon Used Soldiers as Guinea Pigs for Tainted Anthrax Vaccine
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The News Journal, a paper in Wilmington, Delaware is investigating allegations brought by an ex-commander at the Dover base, retired Lt. Col. Felix Grieder that military officials conducted illegal medical experiments under the government's anthrax vaccination program using his troops in Dover as guinea pigs. Several of the vaccinated soldiers who suffered debilitating side effects, including early-onset arthritis and migraine headaches. Grieder has concluded that the military was using his troops to secretly test the vaccine laced with squalene, a substance that boosts a vaccine's effect, but can, even in small amounts, can cause serious illness. The Pentagon claims the squalene-laced vaccine was an "accident," buyt Grieder believes it was done deliberately. Senators Joe Biden and Tom Carper and Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware are requesting an investigation into the matter. "

Deals with the Devil: The Deadly Collusion between the White House and the Drug Barons in the Name of 'National Security'
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Cheryl Seal writes: "Within weeks of 9/11, third-rate corporations like BioPort (it failed three FDA inspections) and Dynport (whose parent company engaged in the trafficking of young girls in Bosnia) became star players in an explosively expanding market for vaccines. Once endless war on 'terror' was declared, these companies were handed every drug baron's dream come true: a captive mass of users that numbered in the hundreds of thousands that could be targeted sans any advertising costs, thru a single middle man - the US government. Better, the companies were immune from prosecution for the inevitable wrongful injuries and deaths from their poorly tested, dangerous products! They could just call it pneumonia or 'acute leukemia' when a soldier was killed by the vaccine cocktail they were forced to receive. And, if anyone dared to refuse the deadly brew, they could just be slapped in the brig and given dishonorable discharges. A corporate monster's idea of heaven!"

The Anthrax Vaccine: A Deadly Drug Industry-White House Scam that Benefits ONLY BioPort
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Nicholas Regush: "I'm sure you've heard the old saying: If it smells like a skunk and looks like a skunk, then it's probably a skunk. This is the message we need to keep in mind when purveyors of deception - and that includes the bigwigs at the FDA, the Institute of Medicine and the military and the vaccine manufacturer, Bioport, - try to convince us that the current anthrax vaccine has been proven safe for use against inhalation anthrax, which would be the feature of a weaponized attack. No such science has ever been done in a convincing fashion. A bunch of mixed-message guinea pig studies and a few studies with a total of 65 monkeys is not classic science. In fact, what it amounts to upon close inspection is junk science." Since this was written, the White House has overridden all protest and stuffed the files with MORE junk science to justify buying over ONE MILLION more shots.

Devastating Health Problems Reported by Victims of Pentagon's Forced Anthrax Vaccine
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St. Petersburg Times: "In the last decade, hundreds of troops insist the anthrax vaccine made them sick. Hundreds more have refused the shots, risking court-martial. Medical experts [most hand-picked by the Pentagon] say it is safe." But Senior Airman Cristina Kutz, representing just one case, "believes the anthrax vaccinations ravaged her health, making her too weak to work, too precariously well to venture out of her house most days. She thinks the U.S. government discounts her concerns that the anthrax vaccinations made her unfit to continue as one of its soldiers." What has the Pentagon done to address the issue? EXPANDED the use of the vaccine! The primary beneficiary? The pharmaceutical industry, from which Donald Rumsfeld comes, and to which he will no doubt return to open arms when he leaves office.

Anthrax Vaccine Linked to Epidemic of Abnormal Pregnancies for Soldiers in Iraq
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This report from the Daily Mirror was forwarded to us by Meryl Nass, an activist physician who has testified against mandatory anthrax vaccines. "Since the war was declared over last May at least seven young couples linked to 33 Field Hospital have suffered pregnancy complications - most with tragic circumstances. In fact not one pregnancy has been trouble-free....there has been one still-birth, two miscarriages, a forced termination and two premature births. In every case one of the parents was given anthrax jabs. Last night the distraught mother of a still-born baby said: 'We want answers. There have been too many problems in this unit for it to be a tragic coincidence.' Army sources say that in Gulf War 1 women soldiers were warned not to conceive within 12 months of various vaccinations being administered. But members of 33 Field Hospital, based in Gosport, Hants - and other troops who served in the Gulf - say no warnings were given about anthrax jabs."

The Marines are Looking for a Few Good Men....to Donate their Bodies to BioPort
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Cruel and unusual punishments await any marine who refuses to be used as a guinea pig to swell the coffers of BioPort, the corrupt, incompetent company that has the monopoly on the anthrax vaccine. Take the case of Private Rose -- when he refused to complete the anthrax shot series after developing heart-attack-like symptoms, the Marine corps gave him a "bad conduct" discharge, but REFUSED to let him leave. "We don't know why there is such a disparity [in punishment] among the services, but the Marines seem to be the worst in the sense of being the harshest," said Mark Zaid, a Washington lawyer who has filed suit against the Pentagon."

Pentagon Advisory Board to Review Safety of Troop Vaccination - But Who Will Review the Advisory Board?
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"A DOD board is reviewing the military's practice of giving soldiers multiple, simultaneous vaccinations to protect them from certain biological agents and natural diseases," reports the Global Security Newswire. The review will be conducted by the Armed Forces Epidemiological board at the recommendation of two panels which suspect a link between vaccination and the illnesses and deaths of at least soldiers. But, "as evidence of safety, officials point to a review of scientific evidence released by the U.S. Institute of Medicine." Yep, the same Institute investigated some years back for gross conflict of interest in a similar review! (http://oig.hhs.gov/oas/reports/phs/c9000054.pdf) Guess we can predict the DOD board outcome NOW.

Leaked UK Army Medical Report: Link between Anthrax Vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome
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"A leaked British Army medical report has provided the first official backing that vaccines given to British soldiers before the 1991 Gulf War caused illnesses associated with Gulf War Syndrome, the Times reported on Monday. It said Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Howe, clinical director of psychiatry with the British Forces Health Service in Germany, made the link after the War Pensions Agency asked him to look at the case of former Lance-Corporal Alex Izett, who now suffers from osteoporosis and acute depression. The Times quoted Howe as saying in his unpublished report, dated September 2001 and handed to the paper by Izett, that 'secret' injections given to the soldier 'most probably led to the development of autoimmune-induced osteoporosis." But in Sept. 2001, the story was quickly buried.