National Watchdog Group Wants Westar to Open Files

The Kansas Journal World reports: "A national political watchdog group on Tuesday called on Westar Energy Inc. to release more documents related to the company's alleged efforts last year to influence federal legislation through campaign contributions to key congressmen [especially Tom DeLay] and their allies. 'There are many unanswered questions that can be addressed only with information in Westar's files,' Tyson Slocum, research director for the Washington, D.C.-based Public Citizen, said in a letter to Westar's board of directors... In those memos, the former Westar executives outlined a plan for getting 'a seat at the table' through contributions to members of Congress with influence on legislation that would have given Westar a benefit worth millions of dollars."

PentaPost Demands Investigation of the Tom DeLay Westargate Scandal

PentaPost opines, "As Post writer Thomas B. Edsall reported last week, the Westar executives believed, as is evident from documents disclosed in a federal investigation of the company, that their donations to political groups linked with the four key Republicans would cause Congress to exempt their firm from a federal regulation they regarded as troublesome. Whether the campaign contributions were a quid pro quo for legislative action on a measure sought by Westar should not simply be a subject of debate between press secretaries and the media. Given the political game plan described by Westar executives and the subsequent legislative action that was taken, the matter warrants prompt investigation by the Department of Justice." Are we dreaming? Is the Pentagon Post REALLY demanding an investigation of Republicans???

Bribery Scandal Update: Tauzin Claims He Never Heard of Westar - He Just Took Their Money

Westar's incriminating internal email names four GOP Congressmen, including Billy Tauzin, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Tom Delay, Joe Barton and Senator Richard Shelby, as requesting campaign contributions to GOP candidates. Chairman Tauzin says he never heard of Westar and did not know the language had been inserted into the bill HE negotiated. Was he merely stupid or incompetent? Is he really so arrogant as to believe the public would believe his lame tale?