Walter Mondale

Bush Stops Mondale's Flight, But He Cannot Stop Mondale's Victory
Walter Mondale

The Star Tribune writes, "As Democratic candidate Walter Mondale's commercial flight was about to take off from Fargo to the Twin Cities, it was ordered to stop. The pilot explained to passengers that a runway had been shut down at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and that the delay might be as much as an hour. The runway had been closed to all but Air Force One as Mr. Bush flew in for a rally in St. Paul for Republican candidate Norm Coleman. The delay in Mondale's flight turned out to be more than an hour and 45 minutes." But Bush can't stop Fritz, who still has his game: "It's impossible for a farmer to get a tax credit for building these wind-powered fans, but if you are a company you can get the credit," Mondale said. "That's got to be corrected so a farmer can put these kind of towers up, produce the kind of power that we need, pull us away from the dependence on foreign energy and make a little money off it." You may stop his plane, but Fritz makes sense! GO FRITZ!

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Walter Mondale

"Dear Walter Mondale: We are devastated by the tragic deaths of Senator Paul Wellstone and his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia. But Senator Wellstone would not want us to lose the Senate seat from which he fought for the ordinary citizens of Minnesota - and the United States. Nor would he want the loss of his seat to bring about conservative Republican control of the Senate - giving George W. Bush unprecedented control of all three branches of government. Like Paul Wellstone, your political career has been devoted to fighting passionately and honorably for ordinary citizens. You have distinguished yourself as an outstanding Senator and Vice President of the United States. In this moment of grief and darkness, we urge you to lead Minnesota and the United States towards a brighter future by accepting the DFL nomination for United States Senator." Sign the petition!