Voter Registration

With Too Much at Stake to Stay Home Most New Voters Will Vote Democrat
Voter Registration

Christian Science Monitor: "[F]irst-time voters of 2004 [who are] energized by a tight race and a new conviction that every vote counts ... have become a focal point of political parties and interest groups as they struggle for any edge in the final days of a presidential election that's too close to call. Between 12 million and 15 million new voters are likely to turn out for this election, says Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate.... Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan registration campaign targeted primarily at younger voters, has registered more than 1.4 million people since the beginning of the year.... Among key battleground states, Florida and Ohio saw increases of 1.5 million and 790,000 voters, respectively. Nevada registered more than 192,000 new voters and New Mexico 112,000." Ignore outdated polls taken before the Democratic-leaning groups far outstripped GOP registration efforts in all the key states. Most new voters will vote Democrat.

More Voter Fraud in Florida
Voter Registration

AP writes, "The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating 1,500 voter registration forms received by the Leon County elections office that apparently were altered to register local students as Republicans. County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho said it was suspicious enough that the registration forms were all photocopies, but the new voters were also between the ages of 18 and 24, a group that often registers with no party affiliation... The Leon County case is one of several being looked at around the state. In some cases, there are reports of bogus addresses, forms coming in with false information and registered voters who are being reregistered without their knowledge."

Web Site Provides Voting Information for U.S. Expatriates
Voter Registration

Brett Rierson, a 38-year-old American living in Hong Kong, and two colleagues have set up a web site to encourage other U.S. citizens living abroad to register and vote. The site provides detailed registration instructions and forms for each of the states and territories, information about the presidential candidates and campaign issues, and resources that non-citizens can use to encourage their American friends to vote.

All in the Country: Norman Lear Launches Voter Registration Drive
Voter Registration

"Norman Lear, the 81-year-old television producer, [is] beginning a $9 million campaign to register one million to two million new young voters for the 2004 election. The campaign, which was announced at George Washington U. with the actress Drew Barrymore, has a goal of increasing the number of registered young voters by at least 2%. In 2000, 42% of eligible voters ages 25 and under went to the polls. The campaign's focus is shaped by a national survey by Princeton Survey Research that found that 18 is a pivotal age to register voters. 'If you get them voting at 18, they'll be lifetime voters,' said Mr. Lear, who combined politics and popular culture in the television show 'All in the Family.'... The survey also found that a major reason that young people do not vote is not so much cynicism as the feeling that they do not know the issues or the candidates. Thus, the Lear campaign has created a Web site, declareyourself.com, to be a one-stop shop for voter information."

Barrymore, Lear Launch Voter Drive Aimed at Young People
Voter Registration

USA Today reports: "The man who brought Archie Bunker into America's living rooms launched a major new drive Thursday -- with the help of some Hollywood celebrities -- to get young people into the voting booth. Television producer Norman Lear said the campaign, called Declare Yourself, will use entertainment, education and the Internet to inspire Americans ages 18 to 29 to register and vote... Joined at a Washington news conference by actress Drew Barrymore, who will be a spokeswoman for the project, Lear said the effort has already raised $27 million in private and corporate donations. The effort will include television, an 18-city college campus tour with an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and a live, nationally televised concert next fall."

Join the 'Declare Yourself' Campaign!
Voter Registration

"Declare Yourself is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to energize and empower a new movement of young voters to participate in the 2004 presidential election. Declare Yourself will rally young Americans through a live spoken word and music tour of college campuses; an unprecedented nationwide voter education initiative for high school seniors; a comprehensive voter registration and election information Web site; an extensive online awareness campaign; a massive voter registration drive; a televised 'get out the vote' concert; and public service announcements... Join the Declare Yourself campaign by signing up here. You will receive important voting information throughout the year."

Join 93-year-old Granny D on her Voter Registration Tour!
Voter Registration

Granny D. is famous for walking across the USA for campaign finance reform at age 90. Now she's 93, but she hasn't stopped fighting - instead she's leading a one-year-long voter registration drive that began on October 26 in Virginia. If Granny D. can lead this drive, surely we can all lend a hand! Sign up to volunteer today.

Rock Your Way to Boston Contest
Voter Registration

"On November 4, at 7:00pm, the new generation of voters will take on the Democratic Presidential candidates, live and primetime on CNN, in Boston's Faneuil Hall. Presented by Rock the Vote and CNN, 'America Rocks the Vote' will feature young people asking the tough questions directly-unscripted, uncensored, unpredictable! And you can win a free trip for 2 to Boston to see it all go down-by registering other people to vote through Rock the Vote's online voter registration tool! Here's the deal. The contest starts on Friday, 5pm EST, October 24. It runs through 12pm October 31st. To enter the contest, you go to Rock the Vote's website, look for the contest webpage, and enter the names of as many other people as you can who you think are not registered to vote or might need to update their voter registration information, and encourage them to register! Then check back with them and make sure they go through the process!"

Ballots Can Keep Bullets from Flying: A Call to Register for Peace
Voter Registration

Elizabeth Ready and John Moyers write, "An irresponsible war of choice, launched by an arrogant administration with shifting justifications and heedless of world opinion, has sparked a new wave of activism in the United States. Millions of Americans have hit the streets since last fall to protest George Bush's push for preemptive war against Iraq. But Mr. Bush wouldn't listen. He dismissed protestors and their concerns. Would he listen any better if everyone who has attended a march pledged to vote in 2004? Or if, in addition, everyone who carried a sign, made a speech, sent an email, wrote a letter, or lit a candle for peace committed to register one new American voter every month between now and the next presidential election? Would he get the message if a groundswell of new peace voters went to the polls in 2004 and showed how regime change can happen peacefully?"

Pennsylvania Gains 66,000 Democrats
Voter Registration

"A southeastern Pennsylvania voter registration drive has added more than 66,000 Democrats in former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell's back yard. Rendell, facing a Democratic gubernatorial primary battle with Auditor General Bob Casey Jr., has openly wooed Republicans and independents... Final voter registration figures will not be available until next week, but most of the state's largest counties provided unofficial estimates yesterday. They showed southeastern Democratic Party gains that appeared to easily outpace those of the rest of the state. In Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks counties, nearly 17,000 voters switched their party registration to Democratic for this primary. At least 49,000 more voters enrolled as Democrats in those counties since November. Montgomery County led with a net Democratic switchover gain of 6,048 voters. Philadelphia had 5,000 switchover Democrats and registered 38,661 new Democrats." You go, Democrats!

DNC Launches 'Every Vote Counts' Voter Registration Drive
Voter Registration

Newsday reports, "Democrats Wednesday kicked off a national voter registration drive in Manhattan and urged voters not to forget the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. 'This country belongs to you, but you have to claim it,' Clinton told the cheering crowd gathered outside of New York University for the noontime rally. 'We would win big for our side if all of you voted.' The Democratic kickoff of 'Every Vote Counts' is part of a national effort to court people of color, particularly African Americans and Latinos, who could be key to Democrats taking control of the House and the Senate this fall. Across the country, Democrats also launched voter registration drives at immigration and naturalization ceremonies and historically black colleges... 'It helps a lot (with Clinton) coming because it shows you that your right to vote is important,' said [NYU Sophomore Anna Martin, 20] a Dramatic Writing major. 'It also makes it a lot easier…to register and get out and vote.'"