Verified Voting

League of Women Voters Battles over Verified Voting
Verified Voting

The League of Women Voters national convention this weekend features a battle between many disaffected LWV local chapters, which support voter-verified paper trails, and the national leadership, which adamantly opposes them. Led by League President Kay Maxwell, the League says it opposes voter verified paper trails because they are expensive, can be misprogrammed and require that voters read. Black Box Voting.org's website refutes these charges, and offers flyers and information pieces that can be sent to the media, to LWV members, and to voting list serves. It also encourages women and men to sign up for the LWV and vote for change. Barbara Simons, a past president of the Association for Computing Machinery, is running for league president on a voter verification platform and says the LWV is out-of touch with technically savvy younger voters. Duh.