Tom Friedman

Friedman Is Shocked to Discover the Iraq Disaster He Helped Create
Tom Friedman

On 1-26-03, Tom Friedman wrote, "The real prize here is a new Iraq that would be a progressive model for the whole region. That, for me, is the only morally and strategically justifiable reason to support this war. The Bush team dare not invade Iraq simply to install a more friendly dictator to pump us oil. And it dare not simply disarm Iraq and then walk away from the nation-building task." After a book-writing sojourn, Friedman now writes: "We're in trouble in Iraq. I don't know what is salvageable there anymore." No kidding, Tom. Why don't you just admit it - you were a complete and utter fool for believing the US could impose "a model democracy" on Iraq. And after you admit that, why don't you volunteer for some hands-on "nation-building" in Iraq?

Tom Friedman Assaults Zionist Lawyer
Tom Friedman

Harvey Schwartz, "a Manhattan lawyer says Mr. Friedman shoved him into a small crowd of people and cursed at him, apparently angry over comments the lawyer had made to the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Mr. Friedman - a columnist for the Times since 1995, best-selling author, and more recently a documentary filmmaker for the Discovery Channel - did not respond to calls yesterday asking for comment... The conversation began politely, as the two men shook hands. Mr. Schwartz said he told Mr. Friedman that he concluded from his speech that the columnist was willing to 'sacrifice Israel on the altar of Iraq.' Mr. Friedman has argued that a failed peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians could complicate Iraq's transition to democracy. According to Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Friedman stopped smiling. 'We're still shaking hands. He sort of hesitated for a few seconds,' Mr. Schwartz said. 'That's when he withdrew his hand and physically assaulted me.'"