Tom Daschle

'Liberal' Media Treats Tom Delay with Kid Gloves
Tom Daschle

First, note how vague this Yahoo news headline is - Tom Delay's name is not mentioned at all. Nor is it mentioned in the first entire paragraph: "The Republican Party's chief enforcer in the US House of Representatives, who once called Chinese leaders "decrepit tyrants," has been cited for unethical conduct for the second time in as many weeks." Then nowhere in the entire article does it mention the most reprehensible of Delay's offenses - the very ones that would incense the public the most -- using a children's charity to funnel campaign dollars and using a boiler room scam to bilk doctors and small business owners out of hefty contributions in exchange for seats on advisory panels that didn't exist. Meanwhile, the same reprehensible media is making sure that the Repug's attempt to drum up smokescreen campaign finance irregularities charge against Hillary Clinton is plastered everywhere, with her name blaring from the headlines.

'Ethics' Committee (Ahem!) Ponders How Best to Let Delay Off the Hook
Tom Daschle

Tom Delay has run boiler room scams bilking doctors and small business owners out of large donations in exchange for promised - but nonexistent - positions on advisory boards. He has been a key recipient of Ken Lay's dirty Enron money. He has funneled money through every possible channel, from the blatantly illegal to the borderline-legal. He has even used a children's charity as a money funnel! Yet the House 'Ethics" committee (and we use the term loosely) says they need time to decide whether or not to address complaints about Delay. No Repugs spent time "pondering" whether or not to sic the FBI on Sandy Berger for accidentally taking some files home from the National Archive! But, of course, at the heart of the committee's "uncertainty" is that FOUR out of FIVE Ethics committee members have taken cash from one of Delay's boerderline-to-not-so-legal funds. Also, Delay is known to threaten people who cross him.

Daschle Brags About Supporting Bush 75% of the Time
Tom Daschle

In the latest in a series of editorials calling on Tom Daschle to resign as Minority Leader, BuzzFlash reports,"the campaign manager for Daschle takes public objection to a Republican senator claiming that Daschle doesn't support Bush enough - and writes a letter to the editor bragging about how strongly Daschle DOES support the most radical, extremist man to occupy the White House in American history. Can you believe this? The irony is that the Republicans have continuously run a ruthless campaign to unseat Daschle, even though he is as weak and as accommodating a Democratic Senate Leader as they could find, unless Lieberman, Baucus, Breaux or Miller were to replace him (and Zell's retiring, so that's not possible). Daschle is the prime example of how trying to please and work with the Bush administration only gets you the privilege of being run over by a steamroller."

Tom Daschle Should Resign as Minority Leader of the Senate
Tom Daschle

Buzzflash writes: "When the Dixie Chicks show more courage than the senior ranking Democratic leader does, it's time for him to step aside as minority leader of the United States Senate. We need someone who can challenge Bush's credibility, not bolster it. Take for instance what the beginning of this article in a South Dakota newspaper, 'Daschle Believes Iraq War Justified,' does for polishing up Bush's luster. ''The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq should continue, but coalition forces don't need to find them to justify the war against Saddam Hussein.' That's the take of U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D'... In another recent South Dakota newspaper article, Daschle lauds Bush for his leadership... 'Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said Bush deserved 'great credit' for his leadership during the war and praised the work of the military.' That is, as they say, the last straw for BuzzFlash." And for Democrats.com!

Why Daschle Didn't Run for President
Tom Daschle

Newsweek writes, "When [Tom] Daschle finished at about 5 p.m., virtually everything was in place, and friends from Washington to Sioux Falls, S.D., assumed he was 'in.' But at 10:45 that night he phoned his Senate chief of staff, Peter Rouse, to say he'd decided against a race. Stunned insiders asked, 'What happened?' Here is the answer: James Carville's warning: The 'Ragin' Cajun,' respected by all Democrats for his strategic acumen, had repeatedly warned Daschle that he couldn't run for president and remain the party's leader in the Senate. To defeat Rep. Dick Gephardt in the Iowa caucuses would require Daschle's full-time attention, even as he'd also have to run for re-election in South Dakota in 2004. And as the Democrats' leader in the Senate, he would not only have to manage legislation, but demonstrate his fairness to the several colleagues who are also seeking the party's presidential nomination." Tom's wife Linda played a key role, as did Bush's tax giveaway proposal.

Daschle Decides Against Presidential Bid
Tom Daschle

Dan Balz reports, "Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) announced today that he has decided not to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, preferring to challenge Bush and the Republicans from his post in the Senate than from the presidential campaign trail. 'After careful reflection, I've concluded that at this moment in our history, with so many important decisions to be made about our nation's future, my passion lies here in the Senate serving the people of South Dakota, and fighting for working families all across America,' Daschle said... Daschle's announcement caught others in his party by surprise. Over the weekend Daschle said publicly he was leaning toward running and his advisers were in the process of recruiting staff and setting up a campaign organization. On Monday night, however, Daschle concluded, after a conversation with his wife Linda, that he would rather remain in the Senate as Democratic leader and informed friends and advisers of that decision this morning."

Rove Begins Destruction Campaign against Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle

We have no doubt that Karl Rove is determined to destroy all viable Democratic candidates, leaving us with someone hopeless like Rev. Al Sharpton or Zell Miller. So we smell a rat when WashPost claims, "Friends and advisers to Senate Democratic Leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.) have urged him to reconsider his desire to run for president in 2004, arguing that he may be more valuable to his party as Senate minority leader than as a presidential candidate and that he is behind other Democrats in putting together a possible candidacy." But we know these aren't "friends" of Daschle - they are mouthpieces for Karl Rove. We're sick and tired of reporters quoting anonymous sources who are quietly and systematically destroying the Democratic Party!

Senator Daschle Projects No Avalanche of Judicial Appointments in Senate
Tom Daschle

"Jesse Ventura, the governor of Minnesota, appointed a member of his Independent party to fill the vacancy in the US Senate created by the death of Paul Wellstone....Depending on the outcome of Tuesday's voting, it could make for a confusing policy picture once Congress returns for a 'lame duck' session next week....It was unclear how long the temporary appointee would serve although it was unlikely to be more than a few weeks. Tom Daschle, the Senate majority leader, said any switch in Senate control would have to be authorised in an 'organising resolution' agreed to by Senate leaders. He also noted that any such resolution would need to be filibuster-proof - in other words, able to garner 60 votes in support. As a result he said he was not concerned about the prospects of Republicans trying to push through an avalanche of judicial appointments or other legislation in a 'lame duck' session should they gain control, even temporarily, following Tuesday's voting."

Senator Daschle Responds to Bush's Politicization of the Iraq Issue
Tom Daschle

Read the complete transcript of Senator Daschle's speech condemning the Chickenhawk-in-Chief for impugning the Democrats' patriotism and concern for our nation's safety.

Tom Daschle Slams White House - And Kicks GOP Butt
Tom Daschle

Mark Preston writes in Roll Call that Tom Daschle "accused the White House of hoarding information and vowed to pursue an independent inquiry to investigate the matter. [Daschle singled out John Ashcroft and FBI Director] Robert Mueller for criticism for withholding information from Bush following the attacks... 'Despite what some in the administration have suggested, silence in the face of security lapses is not patriotism,' Daschle said. 'If anything it is the opposite. And the consequences of such silence can be devastating.' [Countering the] critics who questioned his patriotism, Daschle pointed out that [Republicans] opposed federalizing the nation's airport security system following the Sept. 11th attacks... Answering GOP critics who accuse him of being an obstructionist, Daschle said he is not going to 'rubber-stamp the Republican agenda. I see it as rejecting failed ideas in the name of real solutions,' he said." You go, Tom!

The Republicans' Continuing Need for Villains is Their Substitute for Policy
Tom Daschle

Mary McGrory writes, "The durability of Bill Clinton as a Republican scapegoat is one of the marvels of our age. Republicans felt acute separation anxiety when Clinton's term ended, but their fears proved groundless: He may have left the White House, but he had not left the front page or the consciousness of those who regarded him as the model of what not to be...The demonization of Bill Clinton will go on. But there is evidence the Republicans are grooming another ogre in waiting. Tom Daschle, the small, humble, considerate Senate majority leader, is unimaginably unpromising as material for a heavy. Republicans are undeterred. In commercials aired in his native South Dakota, he is depicted as an enabler of Saddam Hussein... He is baited in the insiders' weekly The Hill and in the conservative Washington Times...the hammering is taking its toll on Daschle. Last week he lost his famous even temper... He obviously doesn't understand the Republicans' continuing need for villains. It's their substitute for policy."

Daschle is Right to Raise Questions About War Policy
Tom Daschle

Helen Thomas writes, "If we are to believe the Republican leadership, members of Congress must turn into robots, give up their right of dissent and get on board the president's [sic] wartime bandwagon as cheerleaders. That was the eye-opening conclusion to be drawn from the hysterical GOP response last week to Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle's remarks that the administration needs to provide lawmakers with a 'clearer understanding' of where the war on terrorism is headed... Does anybody remember the Vietnam War when Congress lived to regret giving President Lyndon B. Johnson carte blanche in Southeast Asia? As the war wore on, disillusionment set in and the country became deeply divided over what was seen as an unwinnable war. As the philosopher George Santayana said, 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' So I say to Congress: It's time to speak up."

L.A. Times Tells Trent Lott: Put a Sock In It!
Tom Daschle

An LA Times editorial simultaneously blasts the White House for concealing information and fudging information about the war in Afganistan, and Trent 'bad toupee' Lott for criticizing Tom Daschle's questioning of the war effort. "Neither Congress nor the American people can be left out of the loop as President Bush vastly expands U.S. military commitments. And Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott was way off base in demagoguing the issue by asking 'how dare' Daschle even raise such concerns. In fact, Daschle has a duty to do just that. And while no one expects the Pentagon to broadcast its plans during wartime, Americans have a right to be kept abreast of a war in which their sons are dying." Hey Trent! Why don't you imitate Kenny-boy Lay and just keep your big mouth shut from now on?

GOP Gets Down and Dirty on Daschle
Tom Daschle

John Nichols writes in the Madison Capital Times, "If Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle waved a flag and whistled the national anthem while walking on water, the Bush administration's spin machine would issue a press release that read, 'Tom Daschle is an enemy of America who cannot swim'... The majority leader said the US must track down high-ranking Taliban and al-Qaida leaders, including Osama bin Laden, 'or we will have failed.' Americans, he added, are 'not safe until we have broken the back of al-Qaida, and we haven't done that yet'... [In response], Lott screeched, 'How dare Sen. Daschle criticize President Bush while we are fighting our war on terrorism'.... [Tom DeLay] pronounced Daschle's remarks 'disgusting.' Virginia Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, point man for the RCCC, declared that Daschle's 'divisive comments have the effect of giving aid and comfort to our enemies by allowing them to exploit divisions in our country.' Come again?"

The GOP is Gunning for Tom Daschle Because He Is Holding Back their Worst Attacks on America
Tom Daschle

The LA Times reports, [Tom] "Daschle has emerged as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party, catapulted into the political spotlight by circumstances that have put him toe-to-toe with President Bush. His rise to prominence has been fueled by the animosity of his adversaries. Republicans have mounted a full-dress campaign--scathing political ads in South Dakota, television appearances by Daschle critics, a new Web site created by conservative activists--to brand him an obstructionist. Their message: Beneath his beguiling, soft-spoken veneer lurks a hardened partisan. This much is certain--as Senate majority leader, Daschle has more power than any other Democrat to counter Bush's domestic agenda. And to the delight of many Democrats and the frustration of the GOP, he has used it. Daschle has almost single-handedly blocked or slowed Bush's proposals on energy policy, tax cuts and other issues." You go, Tom!

Democrats.com Activist Alert! Defend Tom Daschle and Show your Support for a Sensible Plan for Economic Recovery
Tom Daschle

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle isn't afraid of the Republican attack machine and we shouldn't be either! Daschle gave a major speech today setting out a sensible agenda for economic recovery. [Read the full speech or our summary.] He asked Bush and the GOP to focus stimulus where it is needed – consumer spending, job growth and measures to improve health and retirement security. He had hardly finished talking before Bush mouthpiece Karen Hughes torched the olive branch Daschle offered, demanding instead that the Democrats capitulate to the Administration's archconservative economic agenda of tax breaks for the wealthy. In December the Democrats successfully blocked the Bush Administration's cynical ploy to reward their friends with money from the public treasury, an "economic stimulus package" that would have no effect on the economy. Take action - send a letter to the media that Daschle speaks for millions of Americans, including you!

Daschle's New Growth Agenda for the American Economy
Tom Daschle

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle today set out a seven point agenda to achieve genuine economic recovery and create jobs. Before the corporate news media twists it out of all recognizable form, here is an outline of the Daschle plan.

The GOP Smear Machine Is Now Trained On Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle

"When President Bush's push for an economic stimulus package collapsed in a partisan heap early this morning, Republicans from the White House down left no doubt about where they thought the blame lay. 'Fundamentally, it still remains the job of the Senate leadership to complete their business,' the White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer, solemnly intoned. Speaker J. Dennis Hastert was blunter: 'The Senate has turned its back.' The object of their ire was Senator Daschle of South Dakota, the Democratic majority leader, who has emerged as the Republicans' devil du jour...One conservative group ran newspaper advertisements in South Dakota last month picturing Mr. Daschle side by side with President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, accusing the senator of helping keep Mr. Hussein in power by opposing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Vice President Dick Cheney called him 'an obstructionist' and declined to criticize the advertisement."

Daschle Is Batting 1,000 - and Driving Republicans Insane
Tom Daschle

In his six weeks as Majority Leader, Tom Daschle has held together his tiny majority of 1 - and stopped the Republican/corporate steamroller on patients' rights, energy, missile defense, and Social Security privatization. Daschle has won his fights by listening carefully and playing fair - the exact opposite of Trent Lott, who imposed his power so dictatorially that he forced Jim Jeffords to leave the GOP. In their efforts to attack Daschle, Republicans are now complaining that Daschle is running for President. Well, duh! If Daschle can successfully lead the Senate under such incredibly difficult conditions, he SHOULD be President!

The Secret War on Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle

Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle is as low-key and mild-mannered as they come. Compared to Trent Lott's evil Mr. Hyde, Daschle is the good Dr. Jekyll. But the right-wing character assassination machine is out to demonize and destroy Daschle.

Daschle Defends Patient's Bill of Rights against Industry Lobbyists
Tom Daschle

This week Tom Daschle became the voice and defender of the will of the American majority - both Republicans and Democrats - when he vowed to push through a patient's bill of rights. The bill is threatened by a big-buck lobbying and PR blitz by the healthcare industry and their bought and paid for mouthpieces, Trent Lott and his claque. An overwhelming majority of Americans want the bill pushed through, yet Lott and Bush are more interested in protecting the insurance and hospital industries than they are in protecting Americans from poor healthcare. Bush claims the bill "only helps the trial lawyers." Well, Shrub, right now, the trial lawyers are the ONLY ones available to defend victims of GOP-engineered cut-rate medical care that was designed expressly to aid insurers, not patients.

Call Tom Daschle and Demand an Investigation of Karl Rove's Intel Scandal
Tom Daschle

A Democrats.com member called Senator Tom Daschle's office to complain about Daschle's statement opposing an investigation of Karl Rove's ethics scandal. Rove reportedly met with Intel executives while owning Intel stock. Daschle's office said they had received very few calls about this issue, but added that Daschle wants to know what we think. So pick up the phone, dial (202) 224-2321, and tell Daschle that Senate Democrats MUST investigate ALL illegal actions by the Bush administration, starting with the Rove/Intel scandal.

Senate Democrats Stand Firm on Judicial Nominations
Tom Daschle

Senate Republicans are blocking the reorganization of the Senate by demanding unprecedented powers to push through far-right judicial nominations. But despite loud Republican whining, Senate Democrats are refusing to buckle to Republican pressure. And Majority Leader Tom Daschle is making it clear that it's the Republicans who will suffer if they continue to block reorganization. "What that means is action in the committees on virtually anything is unlikely," he said. "We wouldn't be able to do nominations or legislation because obviously you don't have the full complement of membership on those committees." Make 'em suffer, Tom!

Tom Daschle

For the first time in history, control of the Senate changed hands between elections. Republicans abandoned their threats to shut down the Senate. "'I think reality set in,' said Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), who joined other GOP moderates in signaling they were not prepared to support a filibuster strategy over nominations." "'I think we recognize the extraordinary gravity of the situation, the extraordinary opportunity it presents to the Senate,' said Sen. Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.), the incoming majority leader."

Daschle Draws A Line In the Sand - Bushies and Republicans Whine And Spin
Tom Daschle

"The next Senate majority leader today underscored the challenge that President [sic] Bush faces from a Democrat-led Senate, citing opposition to significant parts of the president's agenda, including elements of his [evil] energy plan and his call for a strong [sic] missile defense system [boondoggle]. With Democrats set to take control of the Senate early next month, Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who will be the majority leader, said it would be impossible to expand nuclear power now because of the lack of a national repository for nuclear waste storage…he proclaimed Mr. Bush's proposal for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 'finished.'" Bush's spokesmodels deceptively spin that Bush will continue to act in a "bipartisan" manner and Andy Card warns that the Democrats will not be bipartisan. But in a Reuters article, Daschle provided a reality check, "They decided to shut us out and work with a couple of Democrats and try to maneuver that way."

Tom Daschle Honored for Role in Protecting and Restoring the Missouri River
Tom Daschle

South Dakota governor Bill Janklow will join American Rivers in presenting Tom Daschle with the AR's first annual Lewis and Clark Corps of Recovery leadership award in recognition of his efforts to preserve the Missouri River and South Dakota's rverfront communities. "Senator Daschle has demonstrated amazing leadership," says AR President Rebecca Wodder. The award ceremony, scheduled for May 30 in Sioux Falls, will also kick off a tour of a major multimedia exhibit, "Discovering the Rivers of Lewis and Clark," aimed at raising public awareness of the history of American rivers and the ecological threats confronting them.

Tom Daschle is the Man of the Hour
Tom Daschle

The defection of Jim Jeffords is a crowning victory for Tom Daschle, who is loathed by Republicans because he is able to hold together the splinted Senate Democrats. "Daschle is always careful to lead by consensus, according to aides and colleagues, and never attempts to impose his will. 'He's a fighter, and if he has strong views he expresses them,' said Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.). 'But he doesn't expect people to fall in line like lemmings.'" According to John McCain (R-AZ), "He is an affable, calm, agreeable individual who has a steel spine. I think he's very tough when you need to be tough, and I think he has a very pleasant exterior -- which is probably an ideal makeup for a majority leader."

The GOP Ousted from Power, Tom Daschle Can't Wait to Get To Work for American Farmers
Tom Daschle

Tom Daschle didn't like the farm bill passed in 1996 because it didn't do enough to support farmers through periods of economic and natural disaster. Then, Shrub's new budget was set to take yet another whack at the already inadequate support farmers receive from the fed. Now with the Dems in control of the Senate, Daschle wants to push for a new, improved farm bill. Daschle also sees farmers playing a key role in alternative energy in the future, helping to produce fuels derived from commodities the plains have in abundance: wind, corn (as a heating fuel and processed into gasoline substitutes), and vegetables (used to produce biodiesel). What a difference a day (Jeffords Day, to be precise) makes!

Tom Daschle Is Representing the Interests of a State that Voted Overwhelmingly for Bush, When Will He Represent the Interests of Democrats and Independents?
Tom Daschle

No doubt Tom Daschle is a decent and honorable guy. But it is becoming increasingly likely that the Senate Minority Leader struck a deal where he traded off a 50-50 split on Senate Committees for an assurance that (1) the Democratic Senators would not contest the Electoral vote and (2) that all of Bush's cabinet nominees, including Ashcroft, would be approved. Let him know how you feel about not taking a stand on Ashcroft. Let him know that he is abandoning us to a man who hates us and our beliefs. Letting Ashcroft become Attorney General is a bit like letting Hitler guard the synagogues. But Tom Daschle isn't particularly concerned. He might even vote for Ashcroft. Well tell him he better start protecting the core groups in his party and not the Republican voters in his home state. Use his homepage e-mail form to give him a piece of your mind.