Stolen Election 2003

GOP Plans to Steal KY Governor's Race through Intimidation of Black Voters
Stolen Election 2003

"Jefferson County Republicans intend to place Election Day challengers at 59 voting precincts in predominantly black neighborhoods, a move that NAACP leaders yesterday called blatant intimidation. The GOP election workers, most of whom live outside the targeted precincts in western and central Louisville, Portland and Newburg, will be on hand to challenge voters who they suspect aren't eligible... Those challenged must sign an oath swearing they are valid voters. Anyone who refuses won't be allowed to vote unless an election officer decides the challenge is unwarranted... Democrats called the Republican challengers an attempt to intimidate black voters in what is expected to be a close race for governor between Ernie Fletcher, a Republican, and Democrat Ben Chandler. '(They) have only one purpose: to intimidate and suppress votes in the West End and other minority areas,' Tim Longmeyer, chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, said." Defeat ALL Republicans!

BushCroft CAUGHT Bugging Philadelphia Mayor's Office to Steal Election
Stolen Election 2003

Two Ashcroft employees, "U.S. Attorney Patrick L. Meehan and FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Lampinski said federal authorities never intended for the bug to be discovered weeks before a close election. 'Certainly nobody wanted to have any negative impact on the election,' Meehan said in the lobby of the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, where he was attending a national law enforcement conference. 'No one regrets more so than the investigators on this case that this device was uncovered in the midst of an election,' Lampinski added. The officials said charges were not imminent. 'This began substantially well before the election cycle and will... be ongoing long after the election,' Lampinski said. Since the discovery of the listening device by city police on Oct. 7, Street and other Democrats have voiced suspicion that the investigation is politically motivated and is designed to influence the outcome of the election on Nov. 4." Ashcroft was caught red-handed - Impeach Bush Now!