Spanish Say To STAY In Iraq Would Be Letting the Terrorists Win

Baltimore Sun: "'If people think the Spanish are surrendering to terrorism, they do not know the Spanish,' said Lazaro, 47, a stonecutter from Madrid. 'The Spanish do not surrender.' Most people here - Zapatero among them - have long rejected Bush's connection between fighting terrorism and going to war to remove Saddam Hussein. For them, last week's train blasts, which killed 201 people and injured 1,500, were confirmation that the world has become more dangerous, not less, just as they predicted. The new government merely reflects the view widely held here since long before the trains were bombed. Says Lazaro, 'It's not a matter of us leaving Iraq because of the terrorist attacks. If we stayed in Iraq, that would be because of the terrorists.'"

Spaniards Demanded Truth Within 2 Days of Bombing - Why Have Americans Waited Nearly 1,000 Days?

"The bombing took place on Thursday. Two days later, the people of Spain were battering down the doors of government offices demanding information, demanding truth. 'We cannot vote without knowing who are the assassins,' cried the protesters. 'The government is hiding information. They think we're idiots.' Emilio Jimenez Tomas of Madrid, in a comment given to the NY Times as he surveyed the wreckage left behind by the bombings, said, 'Look at this. This is an election and the government pretends that they don't know anything about who really did it. They've been lying to us and we won't know the real truth until after the election.' Two days. That was all it took for the people of Spain to become impatient, to pressure their government for the truth. When they did not get it, they threw that government out on its ear. For America, a nation approaching the 1,000th day in which their government has not provided the truth of September 11th, this is a lesson to be taken deeply to heart."

High Voter Turnout in Spain Averted Any Efforts Made to Tweak Outcome

There is strong evidence that Aznar & Co. tried to use Bushista tactics to sway the election while it was in progress and after the polls closed. Some hours before poll closing, two exit polls claimed that the conservatives were way ahead. Past studies have shown that such exit polls can reduce voter turnout by at least 3%. It has also been shown that the higher the voter turnout in most nations, the better liberals do. The lesson, of course, is that the Spanish voter turnout was so high - 76% - that no manipulation was able to derail the result. That should be a lesson to follow for America in 2004!

Bushies Try to Spin the 'Spanish Rebellion of 2004' as 'Win for the Terrorists'

Every corporate media outlet and their on-call "policy institute experts" from Los Angeles to New York to London are disseminating the same spin regarding the surprise ouster of Aznar's warmongering conservative party. This hastily slapped together spin job from the rightwing Center for Policy Institute provides the necessary sound byte: The terrorists in Spain brought down the government. Yep, it had NOTHING to do with Bush's insane policies, nothing to do with Aznar ignoring the wishes of 90% of his people on the issue of the Iraq war. Nothing to do with a government that, out of pure political expediency, tried to cover up the facts of a horrific crime. Nope. It's all about "letting the terrorists win." We say by divorcing themselves from Bush, the Spanish people have struck a mighty blow against the Bush Regime and their failure to fight the war on terrorism, for the sake of the Neo-Cons made plan for global domination.

And So the Backlash Begins Full Force: Spain Sends a Message to Bush

The rightwing media, White House, and pro-Bush leaders like Tony Blair and Berslusconi were scrambling Monday morning (3/15) to find a way to spin the stunning victory of Spain's socialist party over the conservative party. The conservatives, led by the now-outgoing Aznar had backed Bush in the Iraq war against the will of 90% of Spaniards. This flagrant dismissal of the public will is now being punished. "Never in the history of democracy has a party with an absolute majority been forced into opposition," reports El Mundo. El Mundo feels that the then government's "precipitate action" in blaming the Basque separatist group Eta for the Madrid bombings "caused many citizens to doubt its judgement." "The growing likelihood of al-Qaeda involvement renewed the mistrust over Aznar's grave error in placing himself under the banner of Bush."

Aznar Continues to Blame ETA Despite Mounting Evidence Pointing to Al Qaeda

The Spanish authorities are continuing to investigate the tape found yesterday that claims Al Qaeda is responsible for the horrific train bombing last week. Reports El Pais, the leading Spanish newspaper, "The police detained three Moroccans and two Indians on suspicion of complicity in the 11-M. Three of the suspects have been investigated previously in Spain, with one case involving a homicide. In spite of the fact that all the indications point to Al Queda, the Palace has still assures the BBC that the trail of ETA is still strong. The Spanish people aren't buying this apparently politically expedient coverup (Aznar's party stands to gain more by blaming the ETA than Al Queda) and mass protests have been held in Madrid, calling for the government to reveal the truth. To translate: http://ets/freetranslation.com (second story on page "Todos los Indicios."