September 11 Bush

Jimmy Carter: Bush Exploits Suffering of 9/11
September 11 Bush

UK Guardian: "George Bush has exploited the suffering of September 11 and turned back decades of efforts to make the world a safer place, the former president Jimmy Carter says in an interview with the Guardian published today. Attacking Mr Bush and Tony Blair over Iraq, Mr Carter calls the war 'a completely unjust adventure based on misleading statements'... The US 'suffered, in 9/11, a terrible and shocking attack ... and George Bush has been adroit at exploiting that attack, and he has elevated himself, in the consciousness of many Americans, to a heroic commander-in-chief, fighting a global threat against America,' Mr Carter says. 'He's repeatedly played that card, and to some degree quite successfully. I think that success has dissipated. I don't know if it's dissipating fast enough to affect the election. We'll soon know.' "

Why Did Bush Just Sit While WTC Victims Jumped?
September 11 Bush

"From two different angles, Americans have new glimpses of [Bush's response to 911]. One comes from rabble-rousing Michael Moore, whose Bush-eviscerating film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' premieres next week, and includes an uninterrupted seven-minute segment showing Bush's reaction after hearing the news of the attack. He doesn't move. Instead he continues to sit in the classroom, listening to children read aloud. Moore lets the tape roll as the minutes pass painfully by. And now from a second angle: The staff of the 9/11 Commission this week released a report that summarizes Bush's closed-door testimony about his thoughts as he sat there. '[He] told us his instinct was to project calm, not to have the country see an excited reaction at a moment of crisis ... The President felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening.'" That's just Bush*t. The truth is President Cheney runs the country, and Bush is just his sock puppet - that's why he did nothing.