Scott McClellan

Scott 'Babyface' McClellan 'Sells Out' His Own Mother to Smear a Good Man and Protect Bush
Scott McClellan

In the White House, all's fair - no matter how sordid, selfish, or sell-out. The lower the better! And Scott McClellan proves this once again by selling out his own mom - euphemistically speaking. Joshua Micah Marshall writes: "Today Scott McClellan went on the offensive against Ben Barnes for describing the "shame" he feels over helping President [sic] Bush duck service in Vietnam. "It is not surprising coming from a longtime partisan Democrat," he said. "The allegation was discredited by the commanding officer. This was fully covered and addressed five years ago. It is nothing new." [BUT] It turns out that Barnes is such a down-the-line partisan that he supported Texas's Republican State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn for reelection in 2002." And guess who Ms. Strayhorn is? Scott's mommy. Apparently neither mommy's political career nor her supporters means a rat's a*s to Babyface and thus need not be honored - the GOP's general attitude toward women.