Ross Perot

He's BAAACK - Not Arnold, but the Short Guy with the Big Ears
Ross Perot

Ross Perot is writing a book, and Perot expert Micah Sifry thinks he may be running against Bush. "My read of his proposal is that he is serious about addressing the country's economic problems, furious at the GOP's irresponsible tax cuts and anxious to return to the national stage, possibly with some form of grass-roots movement by his side. For anyone who remembers how little respect Perot has shown for the Bush family over the years -- not only did he break Poppy Bush's hold on the White House, in 1994 he went out of his way to publicly endorse the Democratic gubernatorial opponents of both George W. in Texas and Jeb in Florida -- there's an intriguing subtext to all this: Ross may think that by launching this new effort in time for 2004 he can crack the Republican lock on power again, to stop the party's 'radical agenda' and prevent a 'fiscal disaster.'"