Robert Greenwald

The Wildly Popular 'Outfoxed' Moves from Video to Movie Theaters!
Robert Greenwald

PR Newswire: "Robert Greenwald's controversial documentary, Outfoxed -- Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism, will be released in theatres Friday, August 6 in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. It will thereafter open in select cities across the country. The film is being distributed by Cinema Libre Distribution, which is also distributing Greenwald's Uncovered: The War On Iraq, opening in theatres August 20. Since its debut on home video more than two weeks ago, Outfoxed has sold [100,000 copies]. Prior to its release on DVD, Center For American Progress sponsored 'premieres' and MoveOn.org organized 3700 'house parties' across the nation. The DVD has been listed as Amazon.com's bestseller for two weeks with over 145,000 hits on Yahoo!"