Republicans for Bush

Great Chicago Tribune Piece for Republicans Who Are Upset with Bush
Republicans for Bush

Libertarian/Republican Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman is, at 50, casting his first vote for a Democratic President--for John Kerry. Chapman says, "I've never done it before, and I hope I never have to do it again. But President Bush has made an irresistible case against his own re- election. His first term has been one of the most dismal and costly failures of any presidency. His second promises to be even worse." Big Chapman concerns are that Bush plunged us into a war, of which the top American general says there is "no way to militarily win," and that Bush did a terrible job of securing the Russian "loose nukes." Chapman says a Kerry presidency would restore a divided government, in which "Republicans wouldn't give Kerry every bad thing he wants, [whereas] they do give Bush every bad thing he wants."