Republican Witch Hunts

Supreme Court Clerks Expose Right Wing Partisan Abuse in Bush v. Gore
Republican Witch Hunts

Washington Post: "[I]n the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine, former Supreme Court law clerks from the court's 2000-01 term speak out -- under cover of anonymity -- about what they saw behind the scenes during the fateful case of Bush v. Gore. That case, decided by a 5-4 vote, ended the contentious recount in Florida, thereby giving the presidency to George W. Bush. [C]lerks contend that the decision was a rank exercise in partisanship by conservative Republican justices.... 'We feel that something illegitimate was done with the Court's power, and such an extraordinary situation justifies breaking an obligation we'd otherwise honor,' one clerk told the magazine. [But] Republican senators John Cornyn, Saxby Chambliss and Lindsey Graham have asked Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) for hearings 'to determine whether there has been misconduct.'" Whistle-blowers tell the truth about partisan abuse of the Supreme Court, so right wing Senators launch a witch hunt.

Bush Appointee DiBiagio Reprimanded for Conducting Politically Motivated Witch Hunts - So Why Won't Anyone Reprimand Ashcroft?
Republican Witch Hunts

What's the difference between John Ashcroft and Maryland Attorney General Thomas Dibiagio? Easy - Dibiagio was caught and held accountable by Maryland legislators for conducting politically motivated witch hunts that targeted Democrats. Ashcroft, by contrast, continues to do the same thing - yet remains unchecked in his witch hunts. Hence, less than one week after Dibiagio's "apology," we find Ashcroft's FBI going after Democrat Sandy Berger - just when Bush needs a diversion. "Maryland's U.S. attorney has been ordered to submit proposed public corruption indictments to superiors for approval after he exhorted his staff to produce three "front page" indictments of elected officials by the first week of November - " which, of course, is election week.