Presidential Records

Hypocrite-in-Chief Bush Is Thrilled to Release Confidential Presidential Records - If They're CLINTON's!
Presidential Records

BushCheney refuse to turn over Energy Task Force records by claiming to protect "the executive branch's fundamental right to receive 'unvarnished' advice... But two months ago, the Bush administration authorized the release to Congress of thousands of e-mail communications by senior White House officials in the Clinton administration, including messages sent by outside advisers and senior aides to Vice President Al Gore. With the approval of the Bush administration, the National Archives and Record Administration turned over to [Republican Dan Burton's] Committee on Government Reform 2,000 pages of Clinton White House e-mail messages.... 'I think obviously they have a double standard,' said John D. Podesta, who served as White House chief of staff in Mr. Clinton's second term. 'The principle they seem to be applying is if it's in our interests to hide it, we're going to hide it. And if it's in our interests to get it out, we're going to get it out.'" What nauseating hypocrites!