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Online Poll Tally Shows Edwards Pounding Cheney
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Six out of 9 online polls show Edwards pounding Cheney with margins ranging from 88% to 9% (Wall St. Journal) to 59% to 41% (CNBC). Of the three polls showing Cheney miraculously winning, we have FOX (what a surprise...not!), AOL (redneck central) and ABC - which used a methodology so fraudulently weighted toward Repugs that even Peter Jennings hinted that it was a bogus result. So not only do these polls show that the REAL American majority public favors the Kerry-Edwards message, but that the media manipulates their polls (CNN actually DELETED their poll, which showed Edwards destroying Cheney - they reposted a new poll later, giving Freepers a chance to mobilize - but it still didn't help!). We have a STRONG feeling that at the polls on Nov. 2, Bush is gonna get handed one of the most humiliating defeats in US history - they won't be able to throw out or change enough votes to help him!

93% Think Latest 'Credible Threat' Is Just another Bush Ploy
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Although this is an Internet poll, it IS CNN, which makes it, like AOL polls, a usual target for Freepers. So, the fact that it registers such a stunning majority taking a cynical view of Bush's latest terror threat is extremely telling. Not even the Freeper brigade could hold back the tide!

Web Polls Are Heavily Biased towards Republicans
Polls - Internet

MSNBC reports, "Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to participate in online surveys, according to a poll that found a modest growth in the number of people using the Internet to get campaign news. Among those who go online to catch up on politics, almost half of Republicans, 46%, said they like to register their opinions in online surveys. FEWER THAN THREE in 10 Democrats, 28%, said they like to participate in the online surveys, according to the poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Half of those who said they like to take online polls were Republicans while one in five were Democrats and one in four were independents. With Republicans more likely than Democrats to go online for political news, that tilts the makeup of those online survey respondents heavily toward the GOP." Of course these polls are biased - Democrats have to WORK to support their families, while Republicans live off their trust funds and tax giveaways!

CNBC Web Poll: Which party will help the economy?
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CNBC writes, "With Election Day nearing, both major parties are telling voters they have the best medicine for the economy. What do you think? It's an old debate: which political party can do more to help the economy. But this year, it's taking on even more prominence because the economy continues to struggle. Democrats are pushing the issue, saying the Republicans, led by Bush, are focused on foreign policy matters such as Iraq. They also blame the Republicans for the troubled economy. But Republicans counter that the economy is better than it appears and say they know best how to handle it. Either way, many observers expect several of the elections, which could shift the balance of power in the Senate, will turn on economic issues. Which party is better for the economy? Tell Squawk Box what you think. Register your vote on the left, and email Squawk Box to explain your thoughts."