Pat Robertson

God Tells Journalist that Pat Robertson is Wrong
Pat Robertson

Robert Scheer writes, "The Almighty, a booming voice told me, was using Robertson to warn the electorate, while there is still time, that a disaster was in the offing. Yes, he was saying the election could be a blowout, but he wasn't saying that was a good thing. Robertson missed the point, the voice said. I couldn't get it all, being half asleep, but what I heard was something about the Roman Empire and the sacrifice of his only son. That's it, I said, bolting awake. Of course, the Lord is aghast at the imperial ambitions of the neoconservatives. After all, hadn't he sent Christ to warn about the greed, elitism, jingoism, commercial decadence and other indulgences that were endemic in a world distorted by the arrogance of the Roman Empire? A world in which the moneychangers were worshiped and the poor were exploited, a world in which the military was lavished with resources while the peacemakers were scorned?"