Operation Tips

U.S. to Modify Operation TIPS Plan
Operation Tips

AP Reports, "A Bush administration proposal for a network of anti-terrorism tipsters is being overhauled, [MANY] thanks to harsh criticism that it would encourage Americans to spy on one another...officials said it will not be put into effect until Congress returns in September...In the meantime, the department modified the plan to exclude as would-be tipsters people from industries and government agencies that often have access to people's homes...(TIPS) will focus instead on workers who operate on the highways, such as truck drivers, and at the ports of entry, officials said…[ACLU Director] Laura W. Murphy...said Operation TIPS in any form is still a breach of public trust by the administration. 'They've scaled back Operation TIPS, but it is still an effort to enlist the private sector as government sanctioned peeping Toms,' Murphy said. 'And it is still not clear that the government is offering any guidance about how to respect people's civil liberties'."

Our First Tip For Operation TIPS
Operation Tips

This is a hot tip that I overheard. I would like to report John Ashcroft for (a) shredding our Constitution by seeking to eliminate the Bill of Rights and Separation of powers and (b)destroying capitalism by not prosecuting stock fraudsters thereby destroying the capital markets. That makes him an enemy of democracy, capitalism and "Our Way of Life" I am so glad you have this tip line so I could be a deputized citizen police officer and avoid the delays of due process and the judicial system and go straight to judgment. This way we don't need to rely on the Senate to appoint now un-needed judges.