Max Cleland

Max Cleland Says He Was 'Duped' by BushRove on Iraq - Let's Draft Cleland for Senate!
Max Cleland

"They kept saying there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. And the pResident said it's all about terrorism and the war on terrorism. Everybody in the administration was selling this used car. The problem is all the wheels have fallen off the car and we've got a lemon. Looking back, yeah, I regret that vote. I gave the pResident of the US the benefit of the doubt. He took it as a blank check. I feel like I have been duped... But the deal with Iraq was obvious. Karl Rove and those guys knew that all of a sudden the pResident's numbers shot up, so the Cheney-Wolfowitz plan fit with Karl Rove's plan; perpetual war keeps the pResident's numbers up and we'll cover over any attack on the pResident and any other issue. So they put that front and center and used it as a hammer. They even put me up there with Osama bin Laden and all that kind of stuff, and said I voted against Homeland Security when I was really one of the authors." Let's draft Max for the '04 Senate race!