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Matt Drudge Loses Advertiser in Wake of Kerry Blunder!
Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge has lost a long-time advertiser in the wake of last week's groundless report alleging that Sen. John Kerry had an extramarital affair with a 27-year-old woman. AT&T Wireless has pulled all advertising from the Drudge Report in response to a complaint about its sponsorship of the site. Given that Drudge earns over a million a year to spread Rove's rightwing lies, you'd think the jackass could afford to hire a real investigator to vet his articles. Get the skinny at the Drudge Retort. Developing...

Drudge Invented Kerry Sex Scandal to Sidetrack AWOL Story - But Failed Miserably
Matt Drudge

Michelangelo Signorile writes, "Neither Drudge himself nor apparently any of the supposed reporters he claimed were looking into it seem to have spoken to the alleged expatriate mistress - and Drudge hadn't even spoken to the woman's frantic friend himself. It's interesting that this unsubstantiated, unsourced, non-story about the Democratic front-runner - which soon dominated right-wing radio - came as George W. Bush was whirling in the center of an increasingly well-sourced story regarding his past military service and his having gone AWOL. Loyal soldier Drudge, who delighted in exposing Bill Clinton's sex life, seemed to spin into action to try to save Bush, perhaps fed information from Karl Rove's right-wing smear machine. 'Was the Drudge item a late hit by an angry Democrat seeking revenge, or a plant by desperate Republicans hoping to distract attention from the president's problems?' asked Joe Conason... 'Cui bono (who benefits)? And who had the motive, method and opportunity?'"

Drudge's Dishonest Smear Backfires - Attendance at Event Exceeds 'Wildest Expectations'
Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge writes of the Hollywood fundraising event, "Organizers claimed attendance -- and financial pledges resulting from the event -- surpassed their 'wildest expectations.' Activist Laurie David came out swinging during a press conference before the proceedings... 'The piece that ran on the Drudge Report was completely inaccurate in the characterization of this meeting and was a total misrepresentation of what we are doing here tonight. In fact, tonight's meeting is a private gathering for friends and colleagues to learn more about what they can do to elect a Democratic president and Democrats across the country. But the real story is the enormous response we got from this community once word got out of this meeting. It's obvious there's a strong desire to change the national leadership of our country. So, I want to thank Mr. Drudge for helping turn a small gathering of political activists into a very large gathering of political activists. Now that's grass roots at work!'"

Thanks to Drudge's Lie, Laurie David Gets Barraged with Hate Mail
Matt Drudge

Lloyd Grove writes: "Hollywood liberal Laurie David, wife of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Seinfeld' creator Larry David, found herself fielding abusive faxes and other messages yesterday after cybergossip Matt Drudge scorched her for holding a high-level strategy session in Beverly Hills tonight on how Democrats might defeat President Bush. Drudge claimed on his Web site - erroneously, I've concluded - that Laurie David titled an E-mail about the event at the Beverly Hilton... 'with the bold heading: 'Hate Bush 12/2 - Event'... She vehemently denied that she ever used the phrase 'Hate Bush' on any E-mail." Gee, it's socially acceptable by Republicans to hate Democrats and Liberals (to the point of spreading a hateful lie as Drudge did). But the rest of us are supposed to obediently like a spoiled brat who went AWOL from the National Guard... who stole his way into the White House... lies us into War... guts veterans' benefits... and continues a family tradition of War Profiteering.

Was Matt Drudge Involved in a Bribe to Smear Pryor?
Matt Drudge

Here we go again: Matt Drudge pulls a bogus story from his butt and reports it as "exclusive breaking news." We now learn that the Mark Pryor's allegedly illegal alien housekeeper was called by a woman and offered money to tell a lie. This is a carbon copy of the Scaife-funded "Arkansas Project," where Arkansas State Troopers were paid to lie about the Clintons. Who offered the bribe, and whose money was she using? Was Matt Drudge involved in this attempt to fraudulently interfere with an election? After all, he is the only one that had this false information. Pryor spokesman Michael Teague said, "The allegations that have been waged against Mark in the waning hours of this election are ludicrous. The attempt to bribe this woman to provide false information is despicable and the desperation of those who would sink to this level to win an election is just plain sad"- or a criminal who belongs in the pokey. We demand an investigation!