Up to 1000 Feared Killed in Liberia Massacre

"Liberian state radio said today that rebels had killed many people at a town in the northeast and quoted one source from the area as saying about 1000 people had been killed. Liberia Broadcasting System said the massacre had been carried out at the town of Bahn, in Nimba County, but the report did not say when the killings had taken place. It blamed the rebel faction known as Model. There was no immediate independent confirmation. 'There has been a massacre in Bahn, Nimba County, by Model rebels,' the radio said. It quoted a VHF radio operator who had been in touch from the region as saying 'there were about 1000 people killed in this massacre'. Liberia's government and rebels have accused each other of violating a peace deal signed since the departure of pariah leader Charles Taylor earlier this month and meant to end nearly 14 years of violence in the West African country."

Bush Orders Seven (7!) Marines into Liberia

AP: "The seven Americans came to coordinate U.S. logistical support for a steadily building peacekeeping force of West African soldiers at the airport 30 miles from the capital...More than 1,000 civilians have been killed, and hunger and sickness are widespread among the 1.3 million residents and refugees crowding the capital...In the government-held part of the city, market stalls offered little more than potato greens and chili peppers. Rice, the staple food, was nowhere to be found." How's that for support of our long-standing African ally - NOT!!!