Law Enforcement

Bush Continues to Phase Out the COPS Program
Law Enforcement

"The federal program that added more than 100,000 cops to local police forces and helped to cut crime to historically low rates during the past decade is being rolled back because local governments can't afford to keep many of the officers on the street. The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program was a hallmark of the Clinton administration, providing more than $8 billion in grants to saturate crime-plagued areas with officers and forging unprecedented ties between cops and neighborhood patrols... In Washington, the COPS program is becoming the focus of increasingly intense political debate. Police executives -- and Democrats critical of the Republican White House -- are calling on the Bush administration to drop its plans to phase out the program." Maybe protesters should also remind the police that Bush is not their friend, either! 'Bush No Friend of the Police; Destroys COPS Program!'