Laura Bush

Salon Scrubs Laura Bush's Homicide
Laura Bush

In "Why I love Laura Bush," Salon's Curtis Sittenfeld writes, "I'm a staunch liberal who hates George W. And yet I think his wife is sincere, down-to-earth, smart - and a role model for all Americans." Before declaring LB a role model, shouldn't Sittenfeld do a little homework? He writes: "At the age of 17, in a tragic accident, she hits another car being driven by a handsome, athletic high school classmate, a boy she's believed to have had a crush on. " Well, sort of. If we're talking about a "role model," isn't it worth mentioning the boy - Michael Douglas - was her BOYFRIEND according to the AP, and Laura actually KILLED him? (http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3910b26e685a.htm) And was it just an accident? As the first Freeper post asks, "What's the odds of running a stop sign and killing your boyfriend????" Hey Salon - now that you've sanctified Laura, how about investigating the death of Michael Douglas?