HBO's 'Path to War' Web Site Lets You Decide Whether to Escalate the Vietnam War

"The HBO film PATH TO WAR is an engrossing fact-based drama about LBJ's presidency and the decisions leading to the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam. A micro site for the film illuminates key historical information about the war, including a strategy simulator that puts the user in the shoes of the President and allows you to make decisions about the same situations LBJ faced regarding both the Vietnam conflict and domestic issues at the time. As with the actual film, all of our content has been carefully researched to reflect historical reality. Path to War is one of the first films to show the Vietnam War from the perspective of the executive decision makers. The screenplay is based on exhaustive historical research including personal interviews with participants and declassified government documents. Path to War premieres on Saturday, May 18th at 8pm/7c on HBO." Now if HBO would only invent a time machine so we could prevent the atrocious war from ever happening...

L.B.J. Was A Real Sumbitch

Molly Ivins writes in the New York Observer, "O.K., it's staggering, amazing, awesome, horrifying - but is it the book by Robert Caro, or is it Lyndon Baines Johnson himself? Maybe we don't have to decide; maybe it's both. As monumental as this biography (now in its third volume) is, as mountainous as Mr. Caro's research has been, I suspect, as I have long said of Texas politics, that it's all in the material. All you have to do is get it on the page."