John O'Neill

White House is Using the Same Strategy on Berger It Used to Ruin Bin Laden Hunter John O'Neill
John O'Neill

The Sandy Berger "Highly sensitive papers in the briefcase" scenario sounded familiar to us. Then we remembered why: FBI agent John O'Neill. O'Neill was hot on the trail of Osama Bin Laden in the summer of 2001. But then he was forced to resign. Why? Because of an FBI probe of an incident the year before when O'Neill's briefcase mysteriously disappeared for a few hours at a Miami conference. It showed up, all contents intact, but the Bush administration later used the incident to drive O'Neill out of the Agency. Less than one month later, 9/11 occurred. O'Neill, who might have stopped the tragedy, died in the second WTC tower trying to rescue victims of the disaster. For more on the shameless treatment O'Neill received by Bush & Co. see http://democrats.com/view.cfm?id=7479

PBS' Frontline Features John O'Neill, The Man Who Tried to Prevent 9-11
John O'Neill

Thursday October 3rd at 9 PM (check local listings) PBS Frontline will profile John O'Neill in its 20th Anniversary Season kickoff "The Man Who Knew." "The former head of the FBI's flagship antiterrorism unit in New York City, O'Neill had investigated the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Africa and the USS Cole in Yemen. For five years, he led the fight to track down and prosecute Al Qaeda operatives throughout the world. But his flamboyant, James Bond style and obsession with Osama bin Laden made him a controversial figure inside the buttoned-down world of the FBI." Following the show, PBS's Frontline's website will feature video streaming of the program; an interactive map detailing AlQaeda's operations; background and chronology on John O'Neill's life; special reports on O'Neill's time with the FBI in NY and DC; and an overview of how Osama bin Laden came to the FBI's attention.